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Oh Simon…

Well, it certainly appears that Simon is expecting to be with Porsha foreverrrr based on his questionably sketched tattoo of her name on his back.

The grand gesture comes just weeks after he was scrunched in the middle of Porsha’s family fisticuffs with her baby daddy Dennis and his mother during an explosive kerfuffle on “Porsha’s Family Matters.”

As previously reported, the spicy spin-off follows former Real Housewife of Atlanta Porsha Williams as she blends her family with new fiancé Simon who continues to find himself in the midst of chaos.

At this point, it’s safe to assume Simon enjoys MESS based on his involvement with Porsha and extended beef with ex-wife Falynn Pina and her newest baby daddy Jaylan Banks.

In an extra messy Instagram post, the petty businessman fired shots at Jaylan during another a shady back-and-forth on Instagram.

“The disrespect continues after cheating with the help for a whole year before filing for divorce, having a baby by the jobless help, and living off and having a child whose very welfare today depends on my money,” he wrote.

“The disrespect and ingratitude never ends. Both of you have learned absolutely nothing.”

Naturally, Jaylan clapped back, claiming his daughter doesn’t need Simon’s “chump change.” He also alleged that Simon missed one of his children’s birthdays because he was “too busy” getting Porsha’s name tatted on him.

He also shared an alleged text from Simon from December 2020 where Simon said that his divorce from Falynn had “nothing to do with him. “I wish you the very best,” Simon allegedly texted the man he now says was sleeping with his wife for over a year.

“Simon stop playing with me because I can really start embarrassing you,” warned Jaylan in his InstaStory alongside the alleged receipts.

Do you think Simon getting Porsha tatted is a mistake? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter chitter-chatter over the questionable ink on the flip.

“Simon’s very first tattoo and he got Porsha’s name. LMAO! It literally looks like a scab” – oh nooo

“Somebody said Simon is gonna forget that tattoo is back there and scratch his back and them thin ass letters gone be under his fingernails” – you know what…

“Now I see why Porsha tried to do a distraction by posting that ashy a** tattoo that Simon got” – ASHY

“Porsha showing us Simon got her name tattooed like we’d be impressed. Girl you already showed us that two tattoos ago in your last relationship that didn’t last!” – oop!

“Not Simon with that jail bird a** tattoo of Porsha’s name” – Twitter is ruthless

“Not Dennis and Simon having the same Porsha tattoo” – history repeating itself

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“Porsha thought that ugly lil tattoo on Simon was gonna distract us from the foolishness that aired tonight… That is embarrassing” – yiiikes

“This has nothing to do with the show but Simon tattoo is really giving beginner stage” – welp

“I find it so bizarre that Porsha and Simon flex their love through tattoos. Dennis having women’s names on his body was a point of contention between her and Kandi when Dennis and Porsha got together, no?” – mmhmmm



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