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Someone phone Porsha and tell her that her speedy sweetie Simon’s trading shade[again] about his ex. 

Porsha and Simon

Source: Marcus Ingram / Bravo

After Simon Guoabdia made a post urging Black men not to “abuse” and speak ill of their baby’s mothers, his ex-wife’s new man shaded him.

As previously reported, in the wake of drama surrounding Porsha Williams’ physical altercation on #PorshasFamilyMatters, her fiance Simon posted about a “cycle of abuse.” In an Instagram post seemingly shading Porsha’s ex Dennis McKinley, Simon told Black men that respect is “earned.”

“Black men, respect is earned…not given,” wrote Simon. “We get that respect by the way we treat our children’s mothers, by NOT disrespecting them private or publicly; otherwise we perpetuate the cycle of abuse.”

He also added that abuse can be “physical or mental pain” and added a note about Dennis’ mom in his comments;

“My mother would never disrespect my children’s mother under any circumstances. Dennis is working on keeping his mother out of his co-parenting obligations. We all need to respect these two first time parents. I know what they are going through because I’ve been there before and takes tremendous courage to fix.”

Unfortunately for Simon, however, he’s being accused of inflicting mental pain, not upon Porsha, but his ex-wife Falynn Pina.


According to Falynn’s fiance/ the father of her baby girl Jaylan Banks, Simon should practice what he preaches.

Jaylan Banks And Falynn Pina

Source: IG / Instagram

“Now come on, let’s be real you know you caused mental pain to Falynn (YOUR EX-WIFE) publicly and privately,” commented Jaylan on TheShadeRoom about Simon’s post. “You have no room to speak. She is still healing from trauma till this day.”

As comments continued to pour in on TheShadeRoom, Falynn also got in on the action and responded to a fan who accused Jaylan of causing Simon “mental pain” by allegedly impregnating her while they were still married.

“It shouldn’t have [caused him pain] seeing how he was already sleeping with other people we separated and before I go pregnant,” wrote Falynn to the fan.

M E S S Y!


If you can recall, Falynn and Jaylan previously accused Simon of social media stalking and sending anonymous packages to their house. They also alleged that Simon who Falynn says is  “narcissistic” was allegedly trying to have Jaylan banned from Atlanta establishments.

Does that sound like a type of mental pain that the businessman is shunning?

“NOW READ THIS!!! I DO NOT GIVE AF ABOUT YOU and neither does Jaylan,” wrote Falynn on Instagram back in October. “I’m tired of talking about this irrelevant a** s***. Please move on with your pursuit of happiness and leave me alone!!!

Simon who is perpetually petty has since responded with a NASTY clap-back about the couple’s daughter and their alleged affair.


Hit the flip for that.


According to Simon, Falynn was “cheating with the jobless help” [Jaylan] for over a year and Falynn had a child “whose very welfare depends on HIS money”, not Jaylan’s. Falynn and Jaylan welcomed their daughter Emma in December.


“Both of you have learned absolutely nothing,” wrote the businessman before adding in TheShadeRoom’s comments that no one has “proof” he cheated on Falynn like she continues to allege.

“I’m up to $60,000 IF anyone can provide credible receipt that I cheated on my wife during my last marriage,” wrote Simon. “It’s been 6 months since the first $50,000 bounty, and nothing yet. Now, we are at $60,000. Put up, or shut the f*ck!”

Never one to back down from their super messy shade trade, Jaylan Banks responded again and said that his daughter doesn’t need Simon’s “chump change.” He also alleged that Simon missed one of his children’s birthdays because he was “too busy” getting Porsha’s name tattooed on him. As previously reported Simon inked Porsha’s name on his back and the reality star proudly posted about it on Sunday.

That’s not all however, Jaylan also shared an alleged text from Simon from December 2020 where Simon said that his divorce from Falynn had “nothing to do with him. “I wish you the very best,” Simon allegedly texted the man he now says was sleeping with his wife for over a year.


“Simon stop playing with me because I can really start embarrassing you,” warned Jaylan in his InstaStory alongside the alleged receipts.

Another day, another bit of mess from these three.


What do YOU think of Simon going back and forth with Jaylan Banks and Falynn Pina?



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