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We wish pain and agony on this man…


White & black FFP2/N95/KN95 face masks for protection.

Source: Rosemary Calvert / Getty

People ain’t isht. We’ve seen that proved time and time and time again. That said, the internet will continue to remind us how ain’t isht they truly are.

There is a viral video making its way down your social media timeline of a Los Angeles County man, a white man, a grown-a** white man, seen angrily ranting at a group of SCHOOL CHILDREN about the masks that they were wearing to protect themselves from a global pandemic.

Imagine being this pressed about children wanting to be safe. You see his shirt? It says “Your mask makes you look stupid”. This guy hopped up out the bed, put this swag on, looked in the mirror and said, “I’m about to go attack some kids.” According to KTLA the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s office is investigating the matter but by the time officers arrived on the scene the man was already gone. Authorities are asking that anyone with information about this man call the public hotline at 818-248-3464.

“Crescenta Valley Station is aware of a video circulating on social media regarding a dispute between an anti-mask adult and others over the masking of children,” the department said. “Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station takes all allegations seriously and will be conducting a thorough investigation.”

These MAGAs have really lost their minds over these damn masks. Some of the kids who spoke to police said the unidentified man spit and coughed on them during the confrontation. The cops better find this guy before some of these parents do because God only knows what one of them might do to him.

For a group of people who claim to be all about freedom, the conservative, anti-masking, MAGA crowd really gets butt-hurt by people’s freedom to comply with the laws of the land and/or the laws of human decency.



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