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That didn’t take nearly as along as we thought…


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The news of bomb threats at over a dozen HBCUs on the first day of Black History Month was as disturbing as it was poignant. No one is under the disillusion that America has reached the potential that she claims to strive for. The whole nation watched George Floyd be murdered by the police and we STILL didn’t have confidence that justice would be served. That said, it is still harrowing to think that people want to hurt college kids over the color of their skin.

Despite the severity of these crimes, we also didn’t retain much confidence that the FBI would exhaust its efforts to investigate any potential culprits. Perhaps that perspective is cynical but it’s the FBI. So, there’s that. According to new reports on NBCNews and Raw Story, our cynicism was a bit heavy-handed. Police and federal agents have announced that they have identified 6 individuals who they describe as “tech-savvy” who are also seemingly connected to a Neo-Nazi outfit called “Atomwaffen Division”.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young said on Wednesday that in a 20-minute phone call on Monday, a caller said bombs containing C-4 explosives would be detonated and a gunman would open fire at lunchtime Bethune-Cookman University in Florida. The caller, Young said, claimed to be affiliated with the neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division. Leaders of the far-right hate group were federally sentenced last month for a plot to intimidate journalists reporting on their anti-semitism.

It’s early in the investigation and authorities have not confirmed that this claim has validity. However, it would obviously make sense that such a clan, pun intended, would attempt to pull off this type of domestic terrorism. The NBC report makes note that all 6 of these persons are thought to be “juveniles” and they are located all around the country. It’s unknown whether or not there is a relationship between them.

When you consider the right-wing’s fight to keep Critical Race Theory,”wokeness”, and most importantly, truth, out of the minds of young people, then one should be surprised at the lengths to which some will go to achieve their goal, white power.



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