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Whew, that finale!

Power Book II: Ghost assets

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Everyone’s buzzing over the shocking Season 2 finale where our doofy fave Zeke is mistakenly gunned down by Lorenzo who thought he was shooting at Mecca after talking to Diana who can never just mind her business.

The unexpected twist blindsided fans who recently recovered from the explosive dinner table scene where Zeke found out he’s really 23, not 19, after being deceived by his mother Monet who masqueraded as his auntie.

In the end, he was the innocent victim of a twisted family who, at one point, was banking on his basketball success despite never keeping him in the loop.

“This season was about sacrifice, and it comes as no surprise to Ezekiel Cross that it came down to this,” said actor Daniel Bellomy who played Zeke in an interview with DEADLINE. “I look at the sacrifice that was made in terms of Ezekiel Cross and how Monet was holding onto him so tightly, almost to his destruction.

As the story moves ahead the question is: Will the sacrifice of his life be in vain? How many more of our people have to be slain because of meaningless stubbornness and greed? Will Monet ever change? Will she tell the truth? Will things change or will they just get exceedingly more wicked?

That’s the reality of where he was even though he had his hopes and his dreams and his future, in this world and in this universe, he had to deal with the reality of being Monet and Mecca’s son while also existing in the middle of all this craziness. He had no idea that he was in the middle of it even though he was in it until it was too late.”

Aside from Zeke’s tragic death, we learned that Effie took out poor Lauren who just wanted to go to class and be happy with Tariq.

There’s also the not-very-shocking death of Dante at the hands of Monet who A) potentially entangles Tariq in another murder case and B) doesn’t know that Lorenzo accidentally shot Zeke after getting intel from Diana leaving the door open to more family-on-family violence in Season 3.

As for Tariq, he beat the double homicide case with help from Brayden, reunited Yaz with Tasha and became Cane’s idol while falling into another potential case and sleeping with the enemy who killed Lauren in a shady series of developments that we can’t wait to see unfold in Season 3.

How do you feel about the finale? What was your reaction to the shocking deaths? Tell us down below and peep the funniest, wildest, and pettiest tweets from the finale on the flip.

“Monet: “Anybody hear from Zeke?!”

Lorenzo:” – mannnnn

“Zeke looking at Monet in heaven to see is she gonna use “98” or “02” on his tombstone” – you know what…

“Zeke when he left the precinct” – *howls*

“Monet: anybody hear from zeke?

Lorenzo:” – we can’t wait until Monet finds out

“Zeke when he reunites with Carrie” – ayeeee

“This was Mecca when Monet pulled the gun on him” – bruhhh

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“I didn’t kill Zeke Mooeeee” – *falls down stairs*

“Monet running after Diana in season 3 because it’s literally her fault that zekes gone” – *cackles*

“Lady : The picture is grainy

The picture” – haaaaa

“Cane really punted that n*gga like he playing in the Bowl next week lmaooo” – THWAP!

“Brayden After Getting Tariq Whole Case Thrown Out” – ayeeee

“Kane when Tariq said he ain’t have to kill Lorenzo #PowerGhost” – the relief!

“Tariq when Blanca accuses him of Mecca’s murder next season” – always in trouble

“Davis, Saxe and Tameika when they find out Tyriq got another murder charge on him” – mannnn


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