MORE Hilariously Petty Tweets From The Season 2 Finale

#PowerBookII: MORE Hilariously Petty Tweets From The Season 2 Finale

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Ready for Season 3!

We’re back with another round of hilariously petty tweets from the shocking Season 2 finale where our doofy fave Zeke, Mecca, and Lauren joined a lengthly list of dead characters in the unforgiving Powerverse.

But it was Zeke being mistakenly gunned down by Lorenzo that blindsided fans who recently recovered from the explosive dinner table scene where he found out he’s really 23, not 19, and Monet’s son, not nephew.

In the end, he was the innocent victim of a twisted family who, at one point, was banking on his basketball success despite never keeping him in the loop.

“You know, we wanted Zeke to go on and to leave his family, be an NBA star, and just soar,” said Daniel Bellomy (who plays Zeke) in an interview with DEADLINE.

“But, in the end, he ran back to his mom and it cost him his life. Zeke was just so innocent. I’m so sad that Zeke had to go because I love him so much, but as much as one wants to be gangsta on Power, he was just so innocent and so good. I don’t know that I ever wanted to see him go bad. I think he was too far in it to either not get caught up in the crossfire or have to go bad, and I don’t know what that would’ve looked like.”

As far as Season 3, well, details are scarce but LaToya Tonodeo (who many fans blame for Zeke’s death) shared what she’d like to see happen.

“I’m hoping to leаrn а little more аbout Zeke’s fаmily,” said Tonodeo in an interview with CengNews.

“I would [аlso] definitely love to see Diаnа still keeping thаt voice, thаt power thаt she found, which she cleаrly got from Monet,” she sаys, аdding, “becаuse now thаt we know thаt Monet is аctuаlly his mom when he thought someone else wаs his mom, I would like to see where thаt story goes.”

What are you most excited to see happen in Season 3? Tell us down below and peep the funniest, wildest, and pettiest tweets from the finale on the flip.

“zeke in heaven confused ash on how he got there “ionennnknownothinaboutnothin “ 😭😭😭😭😭😭 LMAO” – *howls*

“Mecca, just follow the two steps I taught you” – *falls down the stairs*

Diana:” – every single time

“Zeke Walking Thru The Gates And See Carrie With Jabari” – poor Zeke

“Effie PLEASE I just lost the love of my life” – mannnn

“Does this n*gga have a SHA BOING BOING ON HIS NECK?!!!!! MONET U SMOKED THE WRONG N*GGA!” – you know what…

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“Monet: Tariq killed his father

Cane:” – *cackles*

“This Lorenzo when Monet come back to the dinner table crying” – ahhhh

“Every Power episode Zeke gotta new face that got me crying” – we’ll miss all the #ZekeFaces


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