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Married At First Sight fans are fuming over another cringey moment featuring a certain bride’s “SINGLE At First Sight” antics.

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As previously reported Alyssa has been raising eyebrows on #MAFS season 14 by not giving her husband Chris a chance immediately after meeting him at the altar.

Alyssa told her groom that they “just don’t vibe” instead of just saying that she was unattracted to him, and essentially suggested that they enjoy their honeymoon as friends. Eventually, her frustrated spouse confronted her for “not putting in an effort” during their marriage but Alyssa denied it and gaslit Chris on camera.

On Wednesday’s episode of #MAFS, things got even more cringey between the “incompatible couple” after producers urged Alyssa to actually talk to her husband during a tennis match. That’s when the subject of them moving into their #MAFS apartment came up and Alyssa made a WILD statement.

According to Alyssa she feels “uncomfortable” living with Chris, but she’d LOVE to move into the apartment alone so she can continue to be a part of the MAFS “experience” and “hang out with her girls”; fellow brides Jasmina and Katina.

“I don’t feel like it’s fair to not be able to live there,” said Alyssa while noting that she’s feeling “robbed.”

Alyssa later reiterated her desire to move in alone to a producer who reminded her that she’s on MARRIED At First Sight, not “SINGLE At First Sight.”

“Llike I love the other girls and I want to be a part of it with them…and so, If they all are like, last minute, ‘Oh, want to come over?’ I can’t just come over,” Alyssa tells the producer while holding back tears.

“Okay but the whole point of this is to move in with your spouse,” responds the producer.

“Like why is that fair that I get to not live there?!” Alyssa argues. “I don’t want to live with you because we’re not compatible! Why is that fair?!”

Chris remained relatively calm throughout his wife’s shenanigans even as Alyssa ranted nearby about him “not being kind” and even suggested that he had “aggressive hand gestures.”

But when Alyssa suggested that instead of living as husband and wife, she and her spouse should “take turns” and share the Boston apartment separately, Chris had had enough.

“You could move into the apartement for the first half and I could move in for the second half,” said Alyssa in front of the other couples.

“I had not heard that strategy,” said a tight-lipped Chris. “That’s not something I’m interested in. I love all of you, but I didn’t come here for you guys. I’m either all IN or I’m all OUT,” he added while noting that he wants to see Alyssa actually put in effort to their marriage.

Good for you, Chris!

Chris’ unwillingness to bend OF COURSE upset “really good person” Alyssa and another gaslighting moment ensued while viewers watched in horror.



Can you believe Alyssa REALLY thinks she can move in separately from her husband on MARRIED At First Sight?

Later, on the #MAFS After Party, Chris actually spilled a whoooooole tea kettle about a shocking behind-the-scenes moment that happened immediately after he married Alyssa.


Hit the flip for that.

Keshia Knight Pulliam

Source: Lifetime / Married at First Sight


On #MAFS’ Keshia Knight Pulliam hosted Married At First Sight: After Party, Chris spoke on his disastrous marriage.


Chris appeared appalled by Alyssa’s behavior and said that Alyssa continuously told him off-camera that she felt “robbed” by the MAFS experts.

“I have thick skin, I can take it [if I’m not her type] but it was never framed that way,” said Chris.

According to the realtor, Alyssa also showed signs of pulling out of their marriage when they went to city hall to sign marriage paperwork. Chris shared that Alyssa didn’t want to save his number in her phone and even refused to say “I do” when the officiant said, “Would you guys like to get married?”

“She sat in silence and she said nothing,” said Chris who added that Alyssa called her lawyers to try to get out of their union and put a producer between them on the plane ride to Puerto Rico.

Does that sound like a “nice person” to you?

#MAFS fans definitely don’t think so and they’re ripping Alyssa to shreds on social media.

Things got so chaotic on last night’s show that #MAFS expert Dr. Viviana weighed in on the situation amid fan cries that Alyssa should’ve been “kicked off.”

As previously reported Alyssa doubled down to BOSSIP that she “likes what she likes.”

“Physical attraction is important to me and I think it’s probably pretty important to most people regardless of what they say,” Alyssa told BOSSIP. “I’ve definitely dated outside my “type” before because we got along well and had a lot in common. I take pride in taking care of myself and I want my future husband to be the same way. Everyone has things they want and don’t want in a husband and I stick by what I said. I like what I like and no one can’t fault me for that.”

She also reiterated that “nice teeth are a must.” 



What do YOU think about Alyssa’s actions on #MAFS?

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