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Drama broke out on last night’s episode of “Married At First Sight” and it centered around an uninterested bride ignoring her spouse, and a bossy bride getting called out.

Viewers once again were irritated by bride Alyssa’s behavior including her doubling down on not wanting to share a room with her new groom, Chris.

Married At First Sight Boston, MAFS, Married At First Sight

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Moreover, Alyssa essentially suggested that they go on their #MAFS honeymoon to San Juan, Puerto Rico as friends, and at one point, walked right past her husband while going through security.

During a super tense moment between the two, Chris confronted his wife and alleged that she was being untruthful about putting effort into their marriage.

“There was never a point in the process where you put in effort,” said Chris. “I think you went into this expecting the perfect person, and when you got somebody who wasn’t, you said ‘I’m done. I’m not even gonna take any steps.’”

That caused Alyssa to storm off before she declared that they’re “just not compatible.” She also accused Chris of “disrespecting her” by telling her family what was going on between them and said she would “work” on trusting him again.


“I think she’s gaslighting me,” said a bewildered Chris, something #MAFS fans were largely in agreement with.


In addition to Alyssa and Chris’ honeymoon drama, #MAFS watchers also saw a tense moment when newlyweds Olajuwon and Katina collectively shut down bride Lindsey.

Married At First Sight Boston, MAFS, Married At First Sight

Source: Courtney Hizey Photography / Kinetic Content

Apparently, while the group was flying to San Juan, Lindsey who spent several months living in the city, told Olajuwon that he “needed to speak the native language” while in San Juan.

That apparently rubbed Olajuwon the wrong way and words were exchanged.

“She’s trying to tell people on this bus what language to speak in, we don’t play that!” said Olajuwon. “Talk to your husband if that’s what you wanna do.”

Katina also took offense to Lindsey’s words because her fellow bride remarked that she “wanted to fight” Olajuwon. That apparently caused Katina to “go off” and call Lindsey a “bully.”

“Keep her away from me,” said Katina while on a separate bus from Lindsey and Lindsey’s hubby Mark. “I’m dead serious. Keep her far away from me. Lindsey, it’s just a lot, I’m usually a forgiving person but I don’t know about her.”

After the couples checked into their respective hotel rooms, Lindsey was seen looking forlorn with tears in her eyes. The usually quirky bride was more reserved and told cameras that she was “shocked” by how “aggressive” Olajuwon was with her.

“I was like, ‘What do you want to fight?’, thinking we were joking,” said Lindsey noting that Katina’s husband was “posturing” and “waiting for me at the end of the line and puffing his chest out.”

“It really triggered me and really brought me to a place where I didn’t feel comfortable and it really shook me at my core.”

Oh, really?

After Lindsey made that comment, fans harped that Lindsey’s true “Karen” colors came out and they blasted her for “trying to control people.”

While Lindsey was upstairs pouting, her husband “Mark The Shark” joined the other couples to smooth things over and he and Olajuwon both apologized for what went down over drinks.

Married At First Sight Boston, MAFS, Married At First Sight

Source: Courtney Hizey Photography / Kinetic Content

Mark is now looking like a fan favorite, while his wife is looking like QUITE the opposite.

Whose side are you in on this so-called “Karen” kerfuffle? Did Lindsey poke the bear or should Olajuwon have kept a cool head?



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