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The Millionaire Coffee Shop

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Thomas Burch and his wife Jasmine Burch started their own digital community for entrepreneurs to let their ideas brew together called Millionaires Coffee Shop.

Now based in the tech start-up incubator of San Francisco, these Black-owned business owners are expanding their internet community of entrepreneurs with their own e-courses and e-guides teaching financial strategy. Thomas and Jasmine spoke exclusively with BOSSIP about MCS and what else the virtual brew-house offers.

Can you explain to us why you started Millionaires Coffee Shop and what people can gain by signing up?

Jasmine Burch: We were a couple on a search for a way to create our ideal life. We were both working jobs that we were not passionate about and wanted to go into business for ourselves. What we didn’t realize was it wasn’t a business idea we needed, those are everywhere, what we were really lacking was the mindset necessary for success and an environment that would help us grow as we learned how to do business. So we decided to create the millionaires coffee shop, a platform that would do just that. We know that there are others just like us that are looking for a new direction.

Our company is dedicated helping people like us find the information they need more easily, rather than searching for days, months, even years for answers. We don’t want others to have to wonder as long as we did what we were doing wrong and how to move forward.

Although you’re married now and based in San Francisco, you both are from different places. How have your hometowns inspired your career?

Thomas Burch: Honestly, my first thought is that being born and raised in Clarksville, TN, is that it didn’t inspire me at all. It wasn’t until I was able to get out of my hometown that my horizons were expanded and I began to see the possibilities of a better future. I will say, however, my company is for people like me that were born and raised in small towns and want more out of life. So, perhaps my hometown inspired my careers by me wanting to make more information available so people don’t have to feel stuck and can begin to envision a brighter future.

Jasmine Burch: I was born in California and raised in Georgia. I believe being born in California gave me a picture of the kind of life that I would like to live. I am all about the beach life and chill, west coast vibes. Being raised in Georgia, however, showed me how I could achieve the lifestyle I wanted. I watched all of the people around me hustle and grind and achieve great success from the ground up. I was able to witness the passion, time, effort, patience, and persistence it takes to be successful in various industries. Being able to see others do it showed me that entrepreneurship was possible and that I could do it too.

What really pushed you to make your dream happen?

Jasmine Burch:  It was being in Marvin Mitchell’s Path to Prosperity mentorship that really pushed us to make our dream a reality. Being around like-minded people, hearing the successes, hearing the challenges, and going through the process with others is what really helped us to move forward and still what helps keep us going to this day.

It is through the mentorship that we were introduced to Selena Lawrence, who has been coaching us through getting our company started, setting up our foundation, and gaining clarity for our business. And as we were getting started we were fortunate to be introduced to Mz Skittlez, and working with the Icing Agency truly helped us bring our vision to life. Who you surround yourself with truly is so important. Nobody makes it to the top alone.

What has been your proudest moment so far?

Thomas Burch: Our proudest moment so far has been investing in ourselves and our company, The Millionaires Coffee Shop! Before we took this leap we were letting fear hold us back from truly committing to ourselves and our entrepreneurship aspirations. It was difficult at first for us to let go of the idea that we had to hold onto all of our pennies to be financially stable. It was not until we took the leap and invested in ourselves, through self-development and mentorship, that we realized how imperative it would be to our success. So we are proud of taking the leap and believing in ourselves on all fronts.

What sets The Millionaire Coffee shop aside from other agencies and communities that provide financial help?

Jasmine Burch: We are truly a business that has been created for our audience. We have been right where our audience is and are on the journey to wealth together. We are putting out valuable information, plus peer-reviewed courses, mentorships, ebooks, and more, all together in one place so that the most precious commodity we have, time, does not have to be spent on a long search for the next move.

The Millionaire Coffee Shop

Source: The Millionaire Coffee Shop / Getty

What are the best and worst parts of being an entrepreneur?

Thomas Burch: The best part of being an entrepreneur is that there are no limits. When working within a company you can predict the trajectory of your career path, what you will be doing, how much you will be making, etc. By being an entrepreneur there are no limits to what you can do, how much you can make, the number of people you can impact, the partnerships you cultivate, etc. You get to pick the kind of work that you are doing so you can be sure that you are passionate about it and enjoy it.

The hardest part of entrepreneurship would be getting started. It’s an uphill battle, there are many obstacles. When you are focused on starting and growing your business it leaves less time for other activities. Your hours are long and the days seem shorter. What we have learned though is that this phase is necessary for success. It’s like training for anything else. Starting up your business helps you to build muscle – gain and strengthen your skillset – so that as your company grows you have more and more of what it takes to keep going!

Where can everyone find you?

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