Cynthia Erivo Might Be The Toughest Judge Ever On "To Tell The Truth"

Exclusive: Cynthia Erivo Is There To Ask The Tough Questions On ‘To Tell The Truth’ Season Premiere!

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Happy Friday! The holiday weekend has officially arrived and we’re looking forward to some downtime…

To Tell The Truth Episode 428 episodic still featuring Cynthia Erivo, Donald Faison, Gary Owen and show host Anthony Anderson

Source: Christopher Willard / abc

But don’t get us wrong, we’re pretty excited because you know we’re always down for fun and games and next week marks the return of the ABC game show “To Tell The Truth,” hosted by Anthony Anderson. You guys are in luck too, because we happen to have an exclusive sneak preview clip for your viewing pleasure, featuring Cynthia Erivo, Gary Owen and Donald Faison as part of the celebrity panel who will narrow down which of the contestants is telling the truth about being an Emmy award winning makeup artist. Check out the clip below:


Listen… Cynthia has questions honey. She did not come to play she came to win. Based on the clip you saw, which of the contestants do you think was telling the truth?

This one is going to be really hard on the contestants considering the celebrity panel kind of knows a little something about the profession they’re faking the funk about. Do you think Cynthia Erivo is the toughest celebrity judge yet? If you went on “To Tell The Truth,” would you rather be the person being honest or one of the folks who is lying? It’s gotta be fun trying to trick folks into believing you’re something you’re not sometimes right? Or is that just for the Tinder Swindlers and Anna Delveys of the world?

The brand new episode of “To Tell The truth” airs Tuesday, February 22 at 10:00-11:00 p.m. EST on ABC.

Will you be watching?



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