“Who made it look like what? Y’all dumb a** kids tricked y’all own selves f*** of my d***!”

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Rapper Latto recently defended herself against two rappers’ fanbases after being accused of using Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s influence to promote her latest single, “Wheelie,” featuring 21 Savage.

Latto initially attracted interest to “Wheelie” after sharing a video leaving clues about who was featured on it ahead of its Friday release. The hints included that the other artist was a rapper who is also a parent, has attended the Met Gala, and has a diamond record.

The suspicious “Met Gala” clue, in particular, had fans in her comment section guessing she had either a Nicki Minaj or Cardi B featured since the rappers famously scrapped at The Met Ball several years ago. Later, Latto revealed that was not the case, leaving both fanbases scratching their scalps in confusion.

Does this seem like Latto was using the Barbz and Bardi Gang to promote her album?

Latto Revealed 21 Savage Is Featured On “Wheelie”

Yesterday on Twitter, Latto finally confirmed that the “Met Gala” rapper featured on her single was actually her rumored boyfriend, 21 Savage.

The 21 Savage reveal left both Cardi B and Nicki fans chatting about how Latto went about announcing the song and caused a commotion in her comments section. Many of them felt like she used the two rappers’ fan bases for “clout” to cause “cheap” Internet chatter.

Several of them said that Latto deserved “to be dragged” for her behavior.


Latto caught wind of the accusations and eventually clapped back in a comment:

Who made it look like what? Y’all dumb a** kids tricked y’all own selves f*** of my d***! I would tell y’all to stream wheelie on Friday but y’all d***eater are going to ANYWAY.


Latto wasn’t done clapping back either, following her comment the “Queen of Da Souf” rapper went off on the fan bases in tweets accusing them of trying to bully her.

“Y’all b*****es ain’t bullying NOBODY. WHO EVEN SAID IT WAS A FEMALE? LMAO BYEEEEE!!!!!

In reaction to Latto’s rude clap back, some fans of Nicki’s allegedly leaked her song “Wheelie” but the rapper denied this was the version that would be released on Friday to streaming services.

Wheelie Friday. Y’all really suck the fun out of shit I BEEN teasing my features with my fans & making them guess.. Ima post a video snippet tomorrow & I’m done with the whole thing! Oh btw its not leaked thats not the song on my mama it’s not LOL.

What do YOU think about Latto seemingly misleading fans with her single promotion?


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