Steve Harvey Warns Kanye He & D.L. Hughley Are From A Different Era

Survey Says…It Ain’t What Ya Want: Steve Harvey Warns Kanye That He & D.L. Hughley Are From An ‘A$$ Whoopin’ Era’

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Just like the rest of us, Steve Harvey is watching what Kanye West has been posting on Instagram.


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While Ye is currently on a 24-hour Instagram ban, he was previously going at D.L. Hughley for his commentary about him and his divorce. The comedian said many things, including saying that Ye was “stalking” his ex Kim Kardashian. In response, West threatened Hughley, saying he “can afford to hurt” him.

Now, Steve Harvey is giving his thoughts on the situation, saying that if things do end up escalating, he’s got his money on D.L. During a new episode of the Steve Harvey Morning Show, the host gave Kanye a warning.

“Pull up, it ain’t what you want,” Harvey said. “If y’all do get to scrapping, all my cash on D.L., cause you have no idea. You been a lil politically, socially conscious rapper—we from a a**-whoopin’ era. … We from a whole ’nother era.

Harvey continued, “Ye, c’mon man, back up a little bit. … D.L. ain’t your problem. Don’t go out there against that man’s family.”

While Kanye has definitely posted his fair share of what could be considered threats toward Hughley on Instagram, it doesn’t seem like he’s actually trying to make anything happen in-person. While speaking to TMZ recently about Ye’s threats toward Kim K’s boyfriend Pete Davidson, the rapper’s ex Julia Fox shared her thoughts on the whole thing, calling Kanye “harmless.”

“No, no, no, no, Kanye’s harmless. I just think that’s his artistic creative expression,” she told the outlet. “I know it’s aggressive, but I think if it really came down to it, I don’t think Kanye would hurt a fly.”
According to Harvey, however, D.L. is far from harmless, if the situation calls for some scrapping.


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