Horoscopes For March 20 - 27

BOSSIP Weekly Horoscopes: Week Of March 20

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Growing pains will arise in this season and it’s a good thing. Many of you have had a deep fire in your belly for the past several years for significant change. You’re literally at the doorway of all that you seek, however you’ve been relying on the emotional support of others for too long. Step back from seeking advice and go within for your own answers.

Red Flag: If the advice you’re receiving from someone doesn’t feel correct, go with your gut feeling and dig deeper into your own research before making a final decision. Whatever you do, don’t rush into a long term situation that leaves you uneasy.

Sweet Spot: Learning a few energetic protection rituals such as bathing in salt water and carrying a hand of Fatima charm will carry you far over this next season of change and growth.

Have a great week guys!


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