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Pro-Trump Rally Held In Bellevue, Washington

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We know for a fact that there are more than a couple of white folks who would like to see Black folks back in chains and plowing fields. However, if you were somehow in doubt of this incontrovertible piece of information then allow this story to serve you notice.

White Washington Politician Loren Culp Calls For Black Man’s Lynching

According to the Seattle Times, failed, white, Gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp is under intense fire after publicly calling for a Black man to by lynched and for judges and prosecutors to be gunned down. Earlier this month, a man named Alexander Jay was arrested and charged with felony assault for pushing a 62-year-old woman down a flight of stairs at a train station. As a result, the woman suffered several broken ribs and a broken collar bone. Jay is said to be a repeated violent offender of this nature.

In response to the news, Culp took to Twitter to request the following:

“Get a Rope!” he tweeted. “Not only for the low life scumbag who did this but for the worthless judges and prosecutors who continually let this happen by turning violent criminals back out only to make new victims.”

Then he followed up with: “No rope, firing squad and I’ll volunteer for it.”

Oh, we forgot to mention that Culp is also a former Chief of Police. We’re sure you’re shocked by that revelation…

In response to this racist request, no one said a word. No one from the Republican party rebuffed such a heinous notion. No one on Fox News hyperventilated over this extremist approach. No one cared. It appears that the party of January 6 isn’t fazed by the idea.


Surprise, surprise.



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