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Oh no, Vivica, What Is You Doin’?

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As a Black man, do you know what embarrasses me more than Will Smith smacking the New Jack Pookie fire out of Chris Rock for telling a tasteless (and frankly, dated AF) joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith? Black people and the white gaze-ducking respectability nonsense they spew as they project their own insecurities onto the Black collective.

Look, I’ve said before that I’m pretty indifferent when it comes to the rights and wrongs of Will slapping Chris. Will was probably wrong for hitting him. Chris was definitely wrong for that stale-a** joke. And people catch hands for saying the wrong thing every day, B. But Lord, am I tired of all these sanctimonious negroes and their white counterparts acting like the Oscars is some sacred institution and that Will broke some kind of holy commandment by standing up for his wife.

I say all this to say—I really need Vivica Fox to STOP IT right now.

First, let’s start with what she said.

Vivica Fox Calls Out Will Smith On “Cocktails With Queens”


“I was absolutely shocked and saddened to be very honest with you,” Fox said. “It was wrong place wrong time and…it just took the air out of the building. The gentlemen who one the award after him—uh, Quest Love—his moment totally went away because everybody—you could just see it in the audience…” 

So, just to be clear, I’m with Vivica on one thing. As a diehard fan of The Roots, it is a shame that Quest Love’s Oscar shine got overshadowed by the shock and awe resulting from the slap heard all over the world.

So, Fox continued by calling Smith’s actions “disrespectful” to the Oscars producer, the hosts, and others like Amy Schumer—who, by the way, is being her typical white woman self and whining about how she’s still “triggered and traumatized” by a thing that did not happen to her, but whatever. 

“I get it that it’s been tough for them in the public,” Vivica continued. “This is the consequence of opening up your world to the public. Here comes the jokes.”

First of all, Fox curiously didn’t have that same energy when she was calling Laverne Cox “tacky” for mentioning Jada’s “entanglement” comments during a red carpet interview. So she’s being inconsistent, but OK.

Los Angeles Premiere Of MGM's

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Fox continued lecturing the Smiths about the consequences of making their business everyone’s business—which really doesn’t make sense because Rock’s joke wasn’t about the perceived messiness of their relationship, it was about Jada’s bald head which is due to alopecia. You’re going to tell me Jada brought it on herself by being vulnerable enough to discuss her autoimmune condition publicly? Would Vivica tell Massatuchettes  Rep. and “proud alopecian” Ayanna Pressley the same thing?

Anyway, let’s fast forward to the most eye-roll-worthy part of Vivica’s otherwise derivative take on the spectacle. She invoked Black-on-Black crime.

“To get up, walk across that Oscars stage and strike—it was Black-on-Black crime, and I was disappointed,” she said.

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Do y’all remember when the “Oscars so white” hashtag was a thing? Well, now, Black people are getting a few awards and hosting the show, and here Vivica is echoing white supremacist propaganda while expressing her disgust at what went down before this historically white AF academy.

Black-on-Black crime isn’t a real thing. We’ve established this. We’ve pointed out time and time again that most violent crime happens intraracially and that the vast majority of murdered white people are killed by other whites as well. We’ve also pointed out that statistically, the vast majority of people of any race commit zero violent crimes in any given year,

Of course, none of this matters because—and I’m just going to switch to all caps here if you don’t mind—WILL SMITH SLAPPING CHRIS ROCK AIN’T GOT SH*T TO DO WITH THE BLACK COLLECTIVE!!

The very concept of Black-on-Black crime was born of deep-seated racism in America.


In case you missed it, check out the full “Cocktails With Queens” clip below.


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