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Wait, WHAT?!

That awkward moment when you think Solange is trending for new music when it’s really because her 17-year-old son Julez allegedly fathered a child with a young lady who claims she’s still in high school.

In a now-viral TikTok video, alleged screenshots of text messages between the two teenagers appear in slideshow format after a video of them seemingly enjoying each other’s company.

In one screenshot, Julez can be seen allegedly making an explicit comment about….well, semen, while the two discuss a sexual encounter.

In another, he allegedly asks if the girl would be taking a Plan B to which she responded, “nooooo, just do it & pray.”

Dissatisfied with her response, the teen allegedly replied “that makes you so much less attractive.”

At one point, Julez allegedly puts his mother Solange in the mess, texting, “n***a my mom didn’t have eyes on her at that age. I do.”

Naturally, the young lady (who has an OnlyFans linked in her Instagram bio) addressed the messy saga on her Instagram story.

“i make over 20k a month baby you have no money that i want. i’ve been had 100k, 80k, 70k, 60k, 50k, 40k, 30k, 20k, followers before.

i don’t need clout from anyone just don’t think your about to hurt me & several other girls & get away with it period i was too nice to you even after all the stuff you said.”

Julez also responded with his own Instagram statement hours after Twitter ran with the messy rumor. He has denied all accusations while calling the messy story “fabricated.”

“Now usually I wouldn’t speak on this typa stuff but this time I’m not gonna let y’all drag my family for something that is fabricated,” he wrote in an Instagram Story with screenshots of the young lady seemingly saying the story is fake.

“this text was from today, she y’all to know it’s fake.”

What are your thoughts on the saga? Do you believe it’s “fabricated?” Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over Solange potentially being a grandma on the flip.

“solange, right now:” – no, seriously

“beyoncé when she sees julez baby mama at the next thanksgiving” – *howls*

“I was hella excited thinking Solange was about to drop her next album. Not me clicking to find out she’s allegedly about to be a grandmother in her mid 30s 😩” – life comes at you fast

“Blue Ivy to Julez when she finds out he’s finna be father:” – ahhhh

“julez if he wasn’t related to solange/beyoncé:” – accurate

“solange is gonna be a grandma…? BEYONCÉ IS GONNA BE A GREAT AUNT?????” – mmhmm

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“Why y’all blaming Solange like julez don’t live with his daddy?!” – oop

“Everyone out here talking about Solange gonna be a grandma but…

1. No one talking about Daniel sr. being a grandpa
2. Or how he got her pregnant and married her when she was 17 and he was 19

Same pattern” – hmmm

“Me thinking Solange was trending bc of a new album coming soon…” – SAME


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