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Angela Simmons HelloBeautiful April Cover

Source: Sterling Pics / for HelloBeautiful

Angela Simmons is covering Hello Beautiful’s Spring Beauty issue while looking pretty in pink. The socialite and influencer chatted with writer Geneva Thomas about several topics and candidly opened up about the devastating loss of the father of her child.

As previously reported Simmons’ ex-fiancé Sutton Tennyson was gunned down outside of his garage in 2018.


His killer, Michael Williams, was recently sentenced to life for murder, as well as an additional 15 years for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Simmons personally testified during the trial and said “justice was served” after the life sentence was handed down.

Simmons spoke on Sutton’s tragic passing with Hello Beautiful and said that telling her son that his father died was especially devastating.

“I think it’s a wound that you nurse,” said Simmons. “You let it start to heal but it never goes away. You just learn how to deal with it. I do feel like that’s what it is. I’m looking at my son who carries his name and asks for him. That’s something you can’t ever prepare for. I mean, everything else in life can be devastating but nothing is more devastating than telling a child their parent is not coming home or they’re never going to get to see and be around them. Especially if he last met you at two years old. And now you’re five and you need him. I think it’s a tough thing.”


So, so, sad. Best wishes to Angela and her son Sutton Tennyson, Jr.

Bonnie Bouche By Angela Simmons - Style360 - New York Fashion Week

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See more highlights from Angela Simmons’ Hello Beautiful cover story below.

Angela Simmons April Cover

Source: Sterling Pics / for HelloBeautiful

On her family laying the groundwork for family business on reality TV:

“I definitely don’t think people notice that or recognize that – that we definitely were some of the first to ever do it.”

On Simmons Beauty And Built Not Bought fitness brands:


I feel like you build your mind, body, and soul. Everyone is always like, ‘Oh, are you telling people don’t get surgery?’ No, that’s not exactly what I’m saying. I’m really just referring to building up who you want to be. Before you go under a knife, before you do any of that, make sure you really love yourself because you can keep going and keep going and keep going and still not be happy. It’s about loving yourself where you’re at and then making the changes and being positive about it.

Using her platform to empower other Black women:

I have a nonprofit Angela’s Angels. So I’ve done a lot in that area already with my program Pressure Makes Diamonds underneath that—just really being an anchor for Black women and women of color women in general. It’s a really important time, especially now to be able to lean on one another.


Angela Simmons April Cover

Source: Sterling Pics / for HelloBeautiful

On body positivity:

I think sometimes people put a lot on themselves when it comes to having a perfect body. But women, we go through changes hormonally, we go through having children, we go through birth control. There’s so many things that affect our bodies and where we’re at that moment but I’ve just learned to kind of roll with it. When it comes to body positivity, it starts mentally and that’s where I got everything for my Built Not Bought brand. It’s important to start mentally, and then fall in love with yourself during the process and knowing that you’re gonna go through changes. I’ve learned how to love myself throughout, whatever that looks like.


I salute single mothers out there because it’s a different type of journey and I think even as a mother, when you have a significant other to raise your child with, even that has its challenges but doing it alone, it’s something more special. It takes a lot of strength. It takes a lot of discipline to be able to go out and work, grind, and come back in the house and still be mommy. I feel that’s another area that women need to come together more and have conversations around that and really being each other’s backbone on that and creating communities because we can all use the help and support of one another.

What she’s looking for in a man:

It’s obviously family man, father figure, someone who’s really deeply rooted in spirituality; successful. Someone that is really ready to be in a relationship…in a real relationship. I want to be married, so I’m not looking for someone just to be my boyfriend.

Angela Simmons April Cover

Source: Sterling Pics / for HelloBeautiful

On being an executive producer on Growing Up Hip-Hop:

Growing Up Hip Hop has grown a lot. The views are doing well, and they’re up. I feel like being a part of something that I actually built from the beginning to now is pretty awesome. You know, there are not many shows you can say that started and are still around.

Angela Simmons HelloBeautiful April Cover

Source: Sterling Pics / for HelloBeautiful


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