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Another viral interview, who dis?

Raashaun 'DJ Envy' Casey and Gia Casey

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Raashaun “DJ Envy” and his wife Gia Casey get super personal in their new book Real Life, Real Love: Lessons on Joy, Pain and The Magic That Held Us Together, that finally hit shelves and online stores this week. The juicy memoir takes readers inside their rocky but triumphant 20-year-long marriage, from the ups and downs of their celebrity stardom to the highly publicized cheating scandal that almost tore them apart— the power couple lay it all out on the table for fans.


Real Life Real Love: Lessons on Joy, Pain and the Magic That Holds Us Together

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During a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, Gia opened up about the emotional hardship she experienced following Envy’s infidelity, an issue that the couple has spoken about publically on more than one occasion.

The mother of six explained that she was almost thankful that her mother fell ill with dementia during their rough patch because she believed her mother would not have allowed her to get married to the Power 105.1 radio host if she had known.

“My mother passed away in May and she suffered from dementia for about maybe 14 years, so when this all happened she had dementia. If my mother didn’t have dementia, Raashaun and I wouldn’t be married today because there would have been no way that I could have gone to my mother and told her what happened and told her that I was staying,” she said candidly.

“It couldn’t have happened, it would not have happened. God literally would have had to have appeared in front of me and my mother and convinced both of us.”

Gia continued, noting why she ultimately stayed with the famous DJ.

“What’s personal about this to me is, I believe whatever Rauushaun and I have to accomplish either through our marriage or through our children is so great that I think my mother was a casualty of that. I think that God took my mother’s sensibilities away from her so that I wouldn’t be in a position where I had to make that decision I just think that what we have to accomplish is so great. I think that our book will help a multitude of couples.”


Social Media Reacts To Gia Casey’s Comment


Of course, the comment elicited all types of reactions from viewers online. Some condemned the star for her remark.



One social media user on Twitter wrote:

“Just say you wanted to stay with bruh why you put God in this!”

“Did Gia Casey go on the Breakfast Club and say God gave her mother dementia so that she wouldn’t be in a position to convince Gia to leave Envy after the cheating scandal? Did I hear right?”
Others appeared to support the couple for their open vulnerability.

“Watching Gia Casey’s interview on the Breakfast Club about her marriage to DJ Envy, such an amazing woman, I’m so happy he fought for her, just another reminder why I love love,” another Twitter-goer chimed in.


While a fourth person replied:

“I adore and commend the strength of Gia Casey to come forth and tell millions of people on the internet about what she’s been through and what pain she has had to endure over the past decade,” sharing a clip from another viral interview with the Casey’s that sparked up the internet on Monday. During a chat with The Shade Room, Gia confessed that she faked having an orgasm under the sheets with her hubby for almost a decade just to please him.

Man… Envy and Gia are really an open book, literally and figuratively! But you do have to commend the stars for being so transparent about their relationship. Ultimately, all of the sacrifices led them to become the power couple you see today and the Casey’s are killing it now as a family unit with their joint podcast The Casey Crew, where Gia and Envy explore “the good, the bad,” and the beautiful aspects of family and relationships.

…and if you’re interested, Gia goes into detail about how DJ Envy ultimately changed his cheating ways to save their marriage from divorce in the new book.

Listen to an excerpt from Real Life, Real Love: Lessons on Joy, Pain and The Magic That Held Us Together HERE.



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