'Love After Lockup' Couple Harry And Indie Argue Over His Broken Promises

‘Love After Lockup’ Exclusive: Indie Confronts Harry About Where He’s Been Staying

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Indie’s mom tried to warn her…

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We’re just a day away from a brand new episode of ‘Love After Lockup,’ and you’re in luck because we’ve got a sneak preview clip for your viewing pleasure. This week’s clip features Indie and Harry and things are not going well at all for them! Fans of the WeTV franchise will recall that during “Love During Lockup,” Indie was waiting for Harry, who she called her “spiritual husband,” to get out of prison. Indie’s psychic told her to move to Ohio to be with Harry in “Love During Lockup,” but the move was a bust. This was supposed to be their second chance at love and boy is he blowing it!

On Friday’s episode of ‘Love After Lockup,’ a call from Harry’s sister prompts Indie to confronts him about where he’s been staying and if he’s in a relationship with a woman she discovered he was texting. While he admits that he hasn’t been holding up any of his promises to Indie that he made while he was in jail, Harry also gets combative, saying he’s not really focused on relationships because he’s trying to get his life together. In his confessional, Harry reveals he’s struggling with how difficult life has been since his release and says he expected more empathy from his loved ones.

Check out the clip below:


Harry is sounding like he’s doing the exact OPPOSITE of manning up! If you were Indie, would you finally throw the towel in?

Here’s what else to expect:

Lacey is calling Antoine out, but will she turn out to be the real con? Meanwhile Chance lets it be known that he’s ready for the next step with Tayler.

The new episode of “Love After Lockup” premieres Friday, April 22 at 9PM EST on WeTV.

Will you be watching?


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