Indie's Mom Worries She's Being Hustled On "Love During Lockup"

“Love During Lockup” Exclusive: Indie’s Bounty Hunter Mama Believes She’s Being Hustled By Her Prison Bae Harry

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Another day, another hustle…

Love During Lockup Key Art

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Have y’all been watching the latest in the “Lockup” franchises on WeTV? WE tv’s hit franchise has now premiered a new series – “Love During Lockup” – airing Fridays at 9 pm ET. We’ve got an exclusive sneak preview clip from this week’s new episode for your viewing pleasure!

On Friday night’s upcoming episode of “Love During Lockup,” Indie’s mom Yolanda blames her bounty hunter history for not trusting Indie’s boyfriend Harry, who she believes is hustling her daughter. While Indie insists she’s not being taken advantage of and is “spiritually married,” Yolanda disagrees. Check out the clip below:


Do you think Indie is being hustled? Is Harry wrong to expect Indie to put something on his books when she has kids to take care of? What would you do if Indie was your daughter?

Here’s a full synopsis of the episode:

Indie’s bounty-hunter mom uncovers the truth about her felon fiancé. Gabby has a meltdown over a wedding dilemma, but will their secret stash save the day? Haley’s ex lays down the law. Tai fears her romance with inmate Hottie is just a con.

Tune in to WeTV Friday at 9PM EST for a brand new episode of “Love During Lockup.”



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