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A “Real Housewife of Atlanta” went through a heartbreaking moment on Sunday’s episode that left viewers steaming mad. Shereé Whitfield was shown on the Bravo show traveling milessssss from New York to Philadelphia to see her man, Tyrone Gilliams but was unceremoniously stood up while cameras rolled. Tyrone is of course her previously incarcerated boo who was in home confinement in Philadelphia following serving time for wire fraud.

Sheree and Tyrone

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While Shereé was on a cast trip to New York she made plans to see him but apparently, it “wasn’t within the 100-mile radius” that he’s allowed to travel in while on house arrest—even though New York is technically only 95 miles away from Philly. 

So instead of Tyrone coming to her, Shereé hopped in a Sprinter van and traveled to Pennsylvania.

Shereée Waits Two Hours For Tyrone

After making it to Philly and taking a seat at an outdoor restaurant while dripping in fur, Shereé grew increasingly agitated as time ticked by. The housewife continued to call Tyrone to no avail and at one point she phoned her daughter Tierra to explain what was going on.

“What does it mean when you call someone and get a busy signal?” asked Sheree.

“That means blocked, no?” replied her daughter.

“I don’t wanna think the worst but I’m starting to think the worst,” said Sheree in a confessional as time continued going by and as Tyrone continued ignoring her calls and texts.

Real Housewife Producers Break Bad News To Shereé

After ordering food and drinks in front of an empty chair, a #RHOA producer hopped in to share some bad news.

“Tyrone’s attorney says he can’t make it because it’s a parole violation, they think something’s going on.” said the producer.

The housewife was furious.

“You know I’m coming to Philly, why didn’t you stop me, Tyrone?!” asked Shereé in a confessional.

She then called her friend Kenya Moore to share her disappointment.

“I’ve been here probably about almost two hours without Tyrone,” Shereé told Kenya. “What I’m pissed off about is first, you didn’t tell me that. I talked to him this morning, I look stupid as f***, crazy as f***, and dumb as f*** and I am trying not to cry because…” she started before getting too emotional to continue.

“Your instincts are for a reason, said Kenya while comforting her friend. “You said you were going to give this man a chance, now you see. This is strike 1.”

“This is strike 50,” replied Shereé

Still, Kenya insisted that the date disaster was a good thing because it was a moment of truth for her fellow housewife.

“This needs to be addressed right now. You want me to check on a flight for you? How can I help you?” asked a supportive Kenya.

Ultimately Shereé turned down the help, but she listened to Kenya who told her to “hold her head up high” and strut her “fine a**” through the airport.

“I wouldn’t call him again,” added Keny before Shereé asked for the check.

Tyrone Gilliams Previously Expressed Angst Over #RHOA Production

This Shereé being stood up moment actually isn’t all that surprising considering previous drama that’s centered around Tyrone.

As previously reported the reality star’s white-collar crimes crush was reportedly “not on speaking terms with her” because she had plans to “shoot scenes with him outside of his home”—like this one.

An angry Gilliams reportedly asked the folks at Bravo to scrub his past “appearances” [they were literally just prison phone calls] on #RHOA and allegedly claimed the show was using his name and likeness “without his permission.”

Maybe this was another incident of him being bothered by their coupledom being put on public display on Bravo? Who knows.

What we DO know is that #RHOA fans are being empathetic to Shereé—-while urging the housewife to dump him.


Their comments come after Shereé’s friend Marlo Hampton ALSO said that she should dump Tyrone after he stood her up.

A Posh Peach Dinner: Celebrating Marlo Hampton

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“I definitely don’t want her [with him]. She can do better,” said Hampton. ‘I was done after that. When he stood her up, I’m like, ‘Oh no, forget him. Don’t forget who the hell you are.’”


We know what WE think—but what do YOU think about Shereé being stood up by Tyrone?



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