Roulette Emerges As Scandalous Menace On 'P-Valley,' Shatters Twitter

#PValley: Roulette Slithers Into Spotlight As Scandalous She-Devil In Skripper Heels, Shakes Up Twitter

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Roulette must be stopped!

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We’re only 3 episodes into P-Valley‘ Season 2 and shady newbie Roulette (played by the always amazing Gail Bean) is already threatening to destroy the Pynk with her scandalous shenanigans that include breaking Uncle Clifford’s biggest rules.

One of those rules is ‘no fornicating with customers’ which she breaks multiple times in spicy scenes where she evolves into a shameless supervillain who grows more formidable by the episode.

P-Valley assets

Source: Starz

The messy menace (and impressive pole-popper) joined Pynk rookies Big Bone (Miracle Watts), Farrah (Shamika Cotton), and Whisper (Psalms Salazar) who came in clapping up a storm, talking their isht, and upstaging Mercedes–the Pynk’s self-proclaimed HBIC.

At some point, we hope Roulette falls off the pole into Hell is humbled which appears unlikely based on her knowledge of Big L’s secret pill operation in the Pynk.

P-Valley assets

Source: Starz

She’s also linked to clairvoyant cake-clapper Whisper in some strange, twisted way that might make it difficult for Uncle Clifford and Mercedes to get her out of there.

“Oftentimes, when women come into the club, they are set up against each other,” said Showrunner/Creator Katori Hall in an interview with EW. “They are competing for attention and money at the club,” Hall says. “These two women quickly see they’re opposite, and they find that by working together, they can conquer the club and achieve their dreams.”

Oh, and then there’s the matter of the Pynk being HAUNTED by the man WHO WAS KILLED AND BURIED THERE which might take precedence over Roulette’s toxic behavior.

How do you feel about Roulette? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over Roulette’s supervillainy on the flip.

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