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Red Table Talk Breaks Down Anatomy Of A Scam

Listen, nobody wants to be the victim of a scammer and these days the cons have gotten even smarter than your typical “Nigerian Prince” email… Wednesday’s episode of ‘Red Table Talk’ is all about how to not be scammed and features the powerful testimonies of those victimized including business mogul Barbara Corcoran and Tennessee natives Melvin and Niki Hutchinson.

Right now, someone is trying to steal your money, your identity, your passwords. ‘Red Table Talk’ is sharing critical information to protect yourself, your family and your money.

‘Shark Tank’ Mogul Barbara Corcoran Tells ‘Red Table Talk’ Story Of How She Was Scammed

Business mogul Barbara Corcoran reveals how she went from Shark to victim; a young woman and her father share their heartbreaking story of losing everything because they trusted the wrong person; and a Marine explains how scammers are ruining his life just by using his pictures. Plus, a top fraud expert breaks down the biggest scams for each generation.

Check out an exclusive sneak preview clip below, where the table breaks down the anatomy of a scam:

Did you already know the methodology behind how scammers operate? Have you ever fallen for a scam? How did you get caught up?

Have you ever caught on to an attempted scam in time to prevent being taken for your money? What are some things you do to prevent being scammed?

We’re definitely advocates of frequently changing passwords. It’s also a bad idea to click on links from people you don’t know. The way things have been going with hackers it’s getting to the point you can’t trust links from folks you DO know either. The important thing is to pay close attention and NEVER be too trusting.

After watching ‘Bad Vegan,’ ‘Inventing Anna,’ and ‘Tinder Swindler,’ we’ve learned to think more than twice before loaning ANYBODY any kind of money! What are some of the best shows and/or movies about cons and scammers?

The new episode of the Emmy-winning “Red Table Talk” on ‘How Not to Be Scammed’ will stream Wednesday, June 22 at 9am PT/12pm ET on Facebook Watch.

Will you be watching?


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