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America celebrated itself yesterday for the freedom claimed over the British while committing genocide and perpetuating the enslavement of native, indigenous, and African people. Congrats. In a sick twist of irony, the fireworks and pageantry were disrupted by gunfire and pools of blood. ‘Merica, right?

Highland Park Mass Shooting Leaves 6 Dead, 38 Injured

According to a report in Newsweek, alleged shooter Robert E. Crimo had several red flags, no pun intended, that pointed to his potential penchant for violence that has all come to light following his morning massacre in Highland Park. Last year, Crimo uploaded a music video to YouTube that depicted him inside a school classroom intercut with images of a shooting and bloody people. An image displayed prominently in that video is similar to a Finnish far-right group called Suomen Sisu. Crimo’s other online activities include moderating a Discord channel called “SS” similar to the Nazi paramilitary group Schutzstaffel.

If that wasn’t enough to make your domestic terrorist Spidey-sense tingle, there’s also the fact that Crimo posted a photo and video of himself both draped in a Trump flag and cheering on his Fuhrer along the path of the Presidential motorcade while dressed as the iconic Where’s Waldo character.

For the cherry on top, Crimo also has a history of posting beheadings and other acts of violence.

Fox6Now reports that Crimo was arrested without incident following an 8-hour manhunt and a brief chase…

There is literally nothing we can say to make sense of this.


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