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The tale of Chrisean Rock and her missing front tooth never seems to end. The social media model and personality recently shared a video showing her replacement tooth with a vivid image of her boyfriend Blueface’s face on it.

Black Twitter responded:

One user said, “Chrisean really got a tooth and put Blueface on it….Omg please don’t ever let a man get me tied down like that”

Another user wrote, “Hot girls down a million because Chrisean dummy a** took her tooth out just for Blueface long head a**.”

The tweets continued.

“That Chrisean Rock girl is pathetic. B****** like that make my a** itch REAL BAD! She literally took her tooth out just to get back with BLUEFACE after weeks of begging him on social media to take her back. Ladies LOVE YOURSELF.”


Someone else tweeted, “No way I would unscrew my freshly minted tooth, just to appease an insecure, manipulative a** man. Blueface would just have to go to hell…”

Why did she feel a need to go to these lengths? Let’s break it down.

Chrisean’s Blueface Tooth Explained

As previously reported, Blueface decided to cut ties with Chrisean after she was spotted with Fivio Foreign earlier this month. He even went to the extent of blocking her.

On social media, the California rapper shared, “Me and Rock we vibe. She’s not reliable enough – I mean we had an agreement and she didn’t hold up her end of the agreement, simple as that. That’s all that is.”

Chrisean expressed her sadness in a series of tweets.

In a follow-up post, Blueface expressed Chrisean switched up on him after she got her missing tooth replaced. She lost her tooth in a fight on Blue’s Only Fans reality TV series, “Blue Girls Club”.

Chrisean claimed that the rapper couldn’t deal with her being “attractive” and said she was devastated to learn that Blueface had no intention of rekindling their romance. So what was her solution? She took out her false tooth.


Chrisean later decided that she wanted to wear her implant but needed to find a way to let Blueface know that she only desired him. This is when she concluded a pic of his face emblazoned on her implanted tooth would please all parties involved.

Many people are appalled by Chrisean’s actions to pacify Blueface. First a tattoo on her neck of the West Coast rapper and now this. At least the tooth isn’t a permanent alteration to her body. She can unscrew that bad boy whenever she’s ready and easily have Blueface’s mug buffed away.

Let’s see how this tooth drama and toxic relationship continue to play out.


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