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Not everybody is into celebrity culture, gossip, and the goings-on of the entertainment world. It’s just not everybody’s cup o’ tea. That said, there are some folks to transcend “celebrity” and are recognizable to just about anybody with a pulse. However…

Simone Biles Corrects Flight Attendant Who Mistook Her For A Small Child

The gold-medal-laden, 4-foot-8, Olympic legend was aboard a flight recently and had a curious encounter with a flight attendant who clearly had her twisted. According to NYPost, Simone Biles was returning from Washington, D.C. where she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (which actually makes this story even that much more unbelievable) when a flight attendant handed her one of the coloring books that they pass out to little kids to keep them quiet.

Presidential Medal of Freedom

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The thought of this alone makes us wish she would have captured her face upon receiving the activity book, we have no doubt that it would have become an instant GIF hit on Twitter. So incredulous was Biles that she took to Instagram to post her account of the situation. Which is still very eligible for meme gold, we should add.

Simone Biles IG Story

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It’s the “No I’m good I’m 25” part that makes us ki-ki. Again, this is SIMONE BILES! Granted, she wasn’t wearing a leotard, nor was she draped in shiny medallions, but c’mon, fam.

Gymnastics: World Championship...

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Biles did circle back to say, “The other flight attendant gave me a mimosa so we’re in the clear,” although this attendant did ask if she was legal drinking age.



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