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Have you ever wanted to give someone a loving, comforting hug but also shake the s*** out of them at the same time? My Khloé, I’m tired boss, dog tired. Aren’t you?

Khloe Kardashian Tristan Thompson

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I’m not judging you by any means since I have worn my red nose and Ronald McDonald shoes for a man before. My only regret is not awakening from the clown spell he had me under sooner. It seems like the entire innanet is waving ammonia inhalants under her nose in an attempt to wake her up.

The latest development in the Kardashian’s Tristan Thompson saga of course revolves around their surrogate baby news and what happened when Khloe found out that their baby was on the way—in the midst of Thompson’s cheating scandal.

A source told PEOPLE magazine;

“When Khloe found out in December that the surrogate was pregnant, she was elated. Shortly after though, Tristans’ new cheating was exposed. It was a bittersweet situation for Khloe”.

Finding out that your lover has a side chick is like a knife to the heart but to discover that she is pregnant while you are also expecting a child creates a slow turn of the dagger. I can only imagine how deeply that pain and betrayal traveled.

PEOPLE source added that the reality star and NBA player “will always be family” despite his actions;

“She was so excited about the baby, but incredibly disappointed in Tristan. Like Khloe always does though, she turned around and focused on the good.”

She is known for her optimism but sometimes you must look at that glass as half empty so you can recognize that you need to fill yourself back up with the love you deserve.

“Incredibly disappointed” doesn’t seem like strong enough terminology. It seems as if she is putting a bow on her pain. Maybe she doesn’t want the world to truly know how devastated she is or maybe she is in fact “numb” like she stated on her reality show, “The Kardashians.”

“When you’re hurt so many times, your reactions, your responses to the same thing happening over and over again—there is a numbing sensation to it,” said Khloe.

As previously reported Thompson fathered a child with a woman named Maralee Nichols and their son named Theo was born on December 1st.


Thompson didn’t confirm that he was in fact the father until January. The Good American owner learned that Tristan conceived a child with Nichols when the rest of the world was issued the news. Khloe and Tristan were in a committed relationship at the time.


From personal experience, I know that the longer you stay with someone after they continue to cheat on you, the more severe the betrayal will become. Of course, there are some exceptions but Tristan has yet to walk down the road of redemption. It seems as if he may not want to and is forcing himself to be in a monogynous relationship.

Being honest with yourself and those you love is the only way to lead an aligned life. Maybe one day Tristan’s ship will get there, maybe it won’t. ‘Til then, may the force be with you, Khloé.


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