#MAFS Clip: Stacia Stresses Boundaries For Nate's Female Friends

#MAFS Exclusive Clip: Stacia Says She’s Fine With Nate’s Plethora Of Female Friends—‘As Long As There’s CLEAR Boundaries’

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A “Married At First Sight” bride is getting grilled by her groom’s friends and BOSSIP’s giving you an exclusive first look.

During tonight’s episode of MAFS airing at 8/7 c on Lifetime, viewers will see the continuation of Stacia and Nate’s wedding. As previously reported  Stacia, 37, married Nate, 34, and they hit it off.

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Stacia’s wedding guests shared her numerous accomplishments including two degrees and multiple rental properties but they warned her hubby that she sleeps with her eyes open. As for Nate, his friends told his wife that he’s ambitious, adventurous, fun-loving, and a “freak in the sheets” which made Stacia’s jaw-drop.


Now that the two are married, Stacia and Nate are continuing to not only get to know each other; but each other’s families.

They’re already off to a good start with their first dance…

but prepare to raise your eyebrows when you see what happens next between them.

“Married At First Sight” Season 15 Exclusive Clip

In an exclusive clip from tonight’s new episode of “Married At First Sight”, we see the continuation of Stacia and Nate’s reception. The cute couple is enjoying their quick connection and now it’s time to see if they connect with each other’s friends as well.

Nate’s posse asks Stacia about her flaws and she admits that she can be stubborn especially since she’s been living life as a single woman.

“With me being single I get what I want,” says Stacia. “I don’t have to consider anybody else’s feelings, I don’t have to consider anything for anybody else I just do whatever I want, so it’s gonna take some time to consider him as well but I have to work through that,” she adds.


The topic of Nate’s plethora of female friends then comes up and Stacia speaks on the importance of boundaries. According to the accountant, it’s fine for her hubby to have friends of the opposite sex but within reason.

“I don’t have a problem with him having female friends as long as there’s CLEAR boundaries,” stresses Stacia. “And as long as those boundaries are not crossed. I would like to know what his boundaries are I because I might have a different boundary than what that might be,” she adds. “But again as long as we have clear boundaries and those don’t get crossed.” 

Take an exclusive look below.


Did you notice how many times Stacia said “CLEAR” boundaries? She’s clearly not playing and we’ll see more of that throughout the episode.

A new episode of”Married at First Sight” airs TONIGHT Wednesday, July 20, at 8!



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