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Don’t come for the Tuckers

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On the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” a husband and wife set one of the ladies straight after she made disparaging remarks about them.

Sunday’s show featured Sanya Richards-Ross’ cast trip to Jamaica that included a messy dinner discussion surrounding kids, adoption, and opportunist allegations.


Marlo Hampton Alleges That Kandi Burruss “Takes Care Of” Todd Tucker

Near the end of the episode, Drew Sidora’s husband Ralph revealed that he was choosing not to adopt his stepson Josiah after having a chat with the boy’s biological father.

Ralph’s confession triggered Marlo because she grew up in the foster care system and she laid into Ralph for his decision. Kandi however said that Marlo was acting “weird” about the situation considering she recently kicked her teenage nephews out of her house.

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“I’m hurt,” said “Munty” Marlo wondering why Ralph wouldn’t make it official with his stepson. “I’m a foster child so no matter what anyone says is weird, it could be weird for you.”

“Your situation is different for me,” she added to Kandi directly “Your situation is weird because your mother comes before your man.”

“You need to worry about your own situation,” said Kandi. “You do not think that it’s weird that you sent your nephews back and made them feel like away?!”

“Hell no!” Marlo shot back. “You don’t think it’s weird that you have let your man feel belittled when it comes to your mother?!”

Things then heated up further and Marlo alleged that Kandi was “taking care of a man” [Todd Tucker.] “Ya mother told the truth,” said Marlo referencing Mama Joyce’s previous “opportunist” comments about Todd.

Unfortunately for her, Todd who was sitting beside Kandi decided to jump in and he calmly dragged Marlo referencing his previous time working in production on #RHOA.

“The f****d up part is you’re repeating some bulls*** that you know isn’t true. I know you– how you came into this circle,” said Todd. “You bought your way into this circle. Nobody was your friend! I watched, I was behind the scenes on this s***,” he added calling Marlo “nothing” and “trash.”


Kandi and Todd also clapped back at Marlo’s incessant claims that Kandi wasn’t “worldwide” and eventually concluded that Marlo is just lonely.

“Bye lonely lady!” said Kandi snarkily.

Kandi Blasts Marlo On “Speak On It” & The “#RHOA After Show”

Kandi doubled down on dragging Marlo on her “Speak On It” YouTube series and wondered how Marlo had the audacity to come for her when she lobbied for her to get a peach and pitched a reality show centered around Marlo as the star.


Kandi added on the “#RHOA After Show” that Marlo was being a straight-up hypocrite when it came to her comments toward Ralph.

“She was going really hard on him,” said Kandi. “I felt like you’re really not in a position where you should be speaking on what he has going on.”



What do YOU think about Todd and Kandi teaming up against Marlo???


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