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On the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Kenya and Marlo had a nearly TWO HOUR showdown in a driveway that put a damper on what was meant to be a fun girls’ trip.

Marlo Vs. Kenya

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On Sunday’s episode of #RHOA, viewers saw the ladies have another disagreement, this time during a trip to Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains that Marlo planned for the group.

Kenya arrived late to the expedition and stayed at a cabin separate from the rest of the wives after previously having a nasty blowup with Marlo at Drew Sidora’s fitness event.

With that, Marlo warned Kenya that she would not be welcome at group activities if she didn’t come to have breakfast with the other ladies, and Keyna obliged and came to the #RHOA cabin in the wee hours of the morning.

At the cabin, however, Kenya blasted self-proclaimed “Munty” [Mom and Aunty] Marlo for kicking out her young nephews after reaching her “breaking point” with them, something Marlo shockingly shared with the group

Kenya told fellow housewife Sanya Richards Ross that she actually ran away from home after experiencing something similar during her childhood so the nephew news was especially triggering.

‘It’s the worst thing to be displaced and not feel wanted,” said Kenya. “And to hear about that, it’s just kinda heartbreaking because it does kinda hit home with me. When you love a kid, that’s for life. That offends me as a mom.”


Sanya then bone collected and brought that information to Marlo who was pissed off by Kenya’s comments and vowed to have a one-on-one sitdown with her.

Kenya however wouldn’t have it, and after Marlo literally chased her around the house, the ladies had a passive-aggressive standoff in the cabin’s driveway that went on for WELL over 90 minutes.

Marlo refused to let the group leave for a gem mining excursion because of Kenya’s “bad energy” and she wasted everyone’s time while apparently trying to make a point.

After jumping on a trampoline, however, Marlo’s spirits were lifted and she agreed to let Kenya continue on the trip.

Later Marlo made a heel turn and decided to end the trip early after Drew Sidora and friend of the show Fatum had an argument over “lap dog” allegations. Drew declared that Fatum was Sheree Whitfields’ “lap dog” and tossed a dog bone her way while exclaiming, “aarf arrf!”

That moment was ultimately the icing on the cake for Marlo and she told the ladies that it was time for everyone to return to Atlanta because she “felt worse than she did before.”


Fans React To Kenya And Marlo’s Messy Moment On #RHOA

On Twitter, fans applauded Kenya for being unbothered by Marlo and Kenya laughed at the housewife’s shenanigans.

During the #RHOA After Show, Kenya expounded on why Marlo kicking out her nephews was triggering for her.

“That’s not great for a child,” said Kenya while recalling a story of being kicked out of the house before running away to an ex-boyfriend’s house. “You need stability, you need to know that someone’s always going to have her back. I don’t doubt that she loves the boys,” she added.

She also dubbed Marlo’s actions “cruel” but Marlo countered and said that Kenya was just ultimately unsupportive.






What do YOU think about Marlo and Kenya clashing YET again on #RHOA??? Whose side are YOU on with the Blue Ridge Girls Trip debacle?



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