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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” viewers are [once again] up in arms about a housewife’s hubby who is openly gaslighting her on camera.

Lifetime's "Line Sisters" Atlanta Screening

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As previously reported sophomore housewife Drew Sidora revealed during the #RHOA season 14 premiere that she found inappropriate text messages from her husband Ralph Pittman’s assistant on his phone. According to the housewife, the woman offered to “give her husband a massage” and Ralph didn’t properly shut her down.

During the episode, Ralph actually revealed to housewives Kandi and Sanya Richards-Ross what he sent back to the woman in question and his response indeed did sound inappropriate.

“It was like a throwaway,” explained Ralph. “I was like, ‘My back is really hurting’ and she was like, ‘You should’ve gotten that massage…’ I said, ‘Man, I’m a guy….'”

“Just tell the truth, said Drew interrupting her husband. “She said. ‘I told you I should’ve come and given you that massage,’ He said, ‘I’m a guy, LOL’ and she said, ‘Well now I know for next time.’


Fast forward to Sunday’s episode and the drama continued.

Ralph Pittman Gaslights Drew Sidora About His Ex-Assistant

While discussing the assistant drama, Ralph confirmed to his wife that he fired the lady—but they’re still in contact. Why? Well, because Ralph alleged that Drew didn’t say that she wanted him to cease contact with her.

“I fired her,” said Ralph. “I never said we don’t talk anymore, I said we’re not doing business,” he clarified. “I said I was no longer going to work with her. If you want me to never talk to her again, you say it out of your mouth.”

“I will never do that,” said Drew who told #RHOA producers that sometimes her husband confuses her and puts her on “tumble dry” with his explanations. “I want you to respect the relationship in order for you to make the decision because then down the road if you feel like it wasn’t the right decision, you’re blaming me and now you’re resenting me for it.”

“There’s a lot of things I’ve resented you for though…” said Ralph ominously.

Mr. “Tumble Dry” then tried to explain things further to fellow husbands Aaron Ross and Todd Tucker. That didn’t go so well for him.

Talk about word salad, right? Let us know if you can decipher what Ralph was trying to say because we’re still confused.

Later, during what was supposed to be a “fairytale” romantic dinner, Ralph and Drew clashed; HARD.


Hit the flip for that.

Ralph Pittman And Drew Sidora Clash During Dinner Date

Ralph had a glam squad doll up his wife for a special date night that unfortunately went left QUICKLY when they discussed the highs and lows of their marriage.

“Sometimes I can be an a**hole, but the thing about is, I love you,” said Ralph. “I want to be the best husband, the best provider…”

“This is what I live for,” responded Drew. “Because you do go out of your way to make me feel like the most important thing in the world. I just want to make sure that we don’t have these really, really high highs and we go through those lows and we deal with those problems on a deeper levels so that we can be healthy for each other.”

That comment about “highs and lows” changed the vibe of dinner and Ralph talked to his wife about what he learned via their marriage counselor about “extreme expectations.”

“You have to first start with yourself,” said Ralph.

He then listed the order of what’s important to him in his life.

“My order is God, me, then my wife, my kids, and everyone else. I think as men you’re kind of taught you come last. I was a pleaser, I can’t do it anymore.”

“I feel like for me I would stop vocalizing how I felt for the sake of keeping peace, because I was scared to say how I felt because I was afraid of that wrath,” responded Drew. “That wrath is so serious! Even now, I feel myself even walking on eggshells because I don’t want to ruin the night.”

Things spiraled further when the two discussed what they shared with their marriage counselor Dr. Ken.

Ralph said he wanted to just “enjoy” the night and to save everything else for marriage counseling—but things escalated.

“I set this up with no expectations, if you value this—fantastic. If you don’t–fantastic…” said Ralph.

“I value it! You have made me feel special, this shows me we can make it,” responded Drew.

“This shows you?!” asked an incredulous Ralph. “You know I am going to schedule a session for you to go and speak to Dr. Ken on how to speak to men appropriately to get whatever you’re trying to do across effectively…”

“Yes, and I will pay for you to have a session to learn how to talk to women…” said Drew.


Ralph then alleged that their counselor said Drew used “zingers” during disagreements and Drew clapped back and said that Dr. Ken called him a “maniac.”

“Oh, we’re talking about what Dr. Ken says? Cause Dr. Ken called you a maniac,” responded Drew.

“Do you know what the definition of a maniac is? Nobody that’s a maniac is this successful,” Ralph said noting his multiple degrees while his wife Googled the definition of a “homicidal maniac.” “You don’t even know what a maniac means, it’s somebody that’s truly unstable.”

Ralph ultimately said that he probably “does too much” and doing stuff for Drew is “not the move.”

“I regret doing this,” said Ralph while getting up to leave.

Drew admitted on Instagram that she’s “exhausted” while calling it the “dinner party from hell.”


Twitter’s up in arms about the dinner debacle and they’re urging Drew to leave her gaslighting and “emotionally abusive” husband. Even fellow #RHOA star Kenya Moore sent well wishes to Drew and said it brought back memories.

Remember her estranged hubby’s hot mic moment on #RHOA?

What do YOU think about the #RHOA Ralph and Drew drama?

Fans are also pointing out that Ralph gaslit his wife during his Tampa trip explanation. 

Lifetime's "Line Sisters" Atlanta Screening

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

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