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The news cycle got some performance-enhancing drugs late yesterday afternoon as news broke that Donald Trump’s Florida home of Mar-A-Lago was raided by the FBI and we gotta say, it was delicious to watch him freak out in real-time.


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The orangeman released a desperate, finger-pointing, paranoid, rambling, statement in the moments following his totally legal, completely justified interaction with the bureau.

According to NPR, Trump’s son Eric told Fox News that the raid was about potentially mishandled government secrets that the former President might have had stashed at the crib.

“The purpose of the raid was, from what they said, was because the National Archives wanted to corroborate whether or not Donald Trump had any documents in his possession,” the former president’s son told Fox News. “And my father has worked so collaboratively with them for months. In fact, the lawyer that’s been working on this was totally shocked. He goes, ‘I have such an amazing relationship with these people and all of a sudden, on no notice, they send 20 cars and 30 agents?'”

Yes, 20 cars and 30 agents because you people are not to be trusted under any circumstances, Eric.

The FBI Executes A Search Warrant At Former President Trump's Mar-A-Lago Estate

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Predictably, hordes of MAGAs showed up at their zaddy’s property waving flags and holding signs in support of their federally-investigated führer.

Seems like the Department of Justice is onto something and we are practically drooling to find out what it is…


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