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Kid Cudi—a man who’s known for wearing his heart on his sleeve—is letting it be known that he’s not the type to let you beef with him then smile in his face later on. 

In an interview with Esquire magazine, the “Dan ‘n Nite” rapper went all the way in on Kanye West and his never-ending childishness, which ultimately ended their friendship.

Back in February, Kanye made Cudi the subject of one of his Instagram tirades all because Cudi was chummy with Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson, who, until recently, was in a relationship with Ye’s ex Kim Kardashian. Not only did Yeezus throw an entire anti-Cudi temper tantrum on social media, but he removed Cudi from his Donda 2 album. (Kanye appears to often forget that he’s a middle-aged superstar and not a spurned high schooler in a teen drama.)

“I’ve been on every one of that man’s albums. He’s only been on two of mine. That should tell you something,” Cudi told Esquire about his current relationship with West. “And don’t think I didn’t ask.”

But he got even more heated when it came to the subject of Kanye and his Ye-hive attacking him on social media.

“Do you know how it feels to wake up one day, look at your social media, and you’re trending because somebody’s talking some s*** about you?” Cudi told writer Clover Hope for Esquire. “And then you got this person’s trolls sending you messages on Instagram and Twitter? All in your comments? That sh*t pissed me off. That he had the power to f**k with me that week. That he used his power to f**k with me. That pissed me off. You f**king with my mental health now, bro.”

Cudi went on to tell Esquire that he’s at a place in his life where he has “zero tolerance for the wrong energies,” and he doesn’t appear to have much respect for people who beef with Kanye one minute and then play fake-nice with him the next.

“I’m not Kim,” said Cudi directly.

“I’ve watched so many people throughout the years that are close to him be burned by him doing some f**ked-up sh*t,” Cudi said. ‘And then they turn around and forgive him. And there’s no repercussions. You’re back cool with this man. He does it over and over.”

“I’m not one of your kids. I’m not Kim. It don’t matter if I’m friends with Pete or not friends with Pete. None of this sh*t had anything to do with me,” he continued. “If you can’t be a grown man and deal with the fact that you lost your woman? That’s not my f**king problem. You need to own up to your shit like every man in this life has. I’ve lost women, too. And I’ve had to own up to it. I don’t need that in my life. I don’t need it.”


And if you thought Cudi was all sneak-diss and wasn’t about that “naming names” action—you’d be wrong. Cudi wasn’t shy about hanging a certain “Honestly, Nevermind” rapper’s name out there as an example.

“With all due respect, I’m not Drake, who’s about to take a picture with him next week and be friends again, and their beef is squashed,” Cudi said. “That’s not me. What I say, I mean. I will be done with you. It’s gonna take a motherf**king miracle for me and that man to be friends again. I don’t see it happening. He gon’ have to become a monk.”

Whenever someone says “with all due respect,” you know they’re about to say some disrespectful sh^t. Somewhere Drake is sipping a Chai Latte and hitting “send” on the Nene Leakes “Now why am I in it?” gif.

Cudi isn’t wrong, of course. You can’t let a “friend” walk all over you and then you just brush yourself off and shake their hand like nothing happened.

It’s good to see Cudi standing in his own dignity and self-respect. Real friends will always show up and remain consistent. Meanwhile, Kanye is going to be Kanye, and—well—that’s a whole other thing.


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