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A bubbly standout is speaking about her time on a reality competition series and her famous comedienne sibling.

Jasmine English, the sister of funny woman Tiffany Haddish, sent social media into a tizzy as “Kai” on ABC’s Claim to Fame before her recent elimination.

Claim To Fame: Jasmine English

Source: ABC / Kinetic Content

As previously reported, Claim To Fame, hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, centers around a group of contestants with celebrity relatives who compete for a $100,000 prize. The competitors are challenged to keep their famous relatives a secret while also trying to guess who their co-stars’ family members are, all while sequestered in a house together with no access to clue-aiding Internet and social media.



For Jasmine, the emergence of a Girls Trip referencing clue played a large part in sending her home, but not before she tried to throw her fellow Claim To Fame contestants off her trail. Although she tried to hint that she could be related to one of the other ladies in the movie like Queen Latifah or Regina Hall, she was outed as Haddish’s baby sis—but was “she ready” to go home?

Below Jasmine tells BOSSIP about her time in the house, THAT lie detector test moment, and her famed sister.

What was it like living in the house with the fellow participants? Who did you have the most fun with? 

It was mostly stressful! I had to really make an effort to relax and enjoy that beautiful house. I couldn’t really have too much fun though, because I thought I might slip up and spill beans. But I would say I had the most fun with Lark, we had a lot of inside jokes with us being Amazons and such—she is low key funny as hell!

What did your sister Tiffany Haddish think about you appearing on the show? 

My sister was supportive of me being on the show. She had a suspicion that I won the show until I got booted! Lol!

What was your Claim To Fame strategy and who do you think played the game the best?


My strategy was to give out fake info so people really believed my celebrity relative was a singer and it actually worked for a while. My strategy was also to get people to think I knew who they are by not being as social. LC is definitely playing the best game, she is good!

Claim To Fame: Jasmine English

Source: ABC / Kinetic Content

What was going through your mind when you did the polygraph test? How hard was it to keep a poker face?

I know my clue was pulled at the last elimination because I had heard of every clue that was drawn but that night nothing lol so I knew I was next. So during the polygraph test, I was just chilling having fun. It was hard to keep a poker face, I am a horrible liar!

Can we talk about your polygraph questions for Louise, some people said you “handed her immunity”—but what was your real strategy there? 

Louise had nothing to lie about -WE ALL KNEW who she was. So the strategy was to get her to lie and or laugh, move around have a strange heart rate so her readings would be off or false. Laughing or movement on the polygraph test result is a negative read. That was a plan but obviously, it didn’t work.

Amara was hot on your trail before your elimination and you threw out Lark’s clue to kind of throw her off your trail. Do you regret sharing Lark’s clue? 

I don’t regret throwing out Lark’s clue to LC and Amara. I think games should have an even playing field and everyone should be able to play their game. Me giving the clue made it fair. The clue I gave them also was not 100% correct anyway, lol. but it was close enough that it made the game fair. And Lark is a good sport!


Before your celebrity relative was correctly guessed, what other guesses stood out for you?

LC was a guess for Forest Whitaker until after the lie detector test, then I was lost! Louise was obvious.

What celebrity relative guesses for yourself have you seen on social media? 

I’ve seen Alicia Keys, Will Smith, Jason Momoa, chili from TLC, Dwayne Johnson, Selena, and one of the girls from pretty little liars – the guesses for me were all over the place! Lol!

Claim To Fame: Jasmine English

Source: ABC / Kinetic Content

Claim to Fame airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC. Episodes are available to stream on Hulu the day after their airing.




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