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Congress Posthumously Honors Four Victims Of 1963 Birmingham Bombing

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We can’t really expect anything forthright or positive coming from the current governor of Alabama but that doesn’t mean she isn’t trash for this.

A Black woman named Sarah Collins Rudolph lost her eye in the 1963 Ku Klux Klan bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. The blast killed her sister and three other Black girls and to this day, Rudolph still retains a piece of glass inside her body from that day.

According to the NYPost, Gov. Kay Ivey was asked about financial compensation for the surviving victims of that hate crime and in response, she rattled off some word salad about “untold pain and suffering.”

To this day Rudolph has not received a penny in compensation and this disservice is making headlines amid Thursday’s 59th anniversary of the bombing.


Source: NICHOLAS KAMM / Getty [Here is Kay Ivey (grey hair, left) schmoozing with Donald Trump]

Rudolph unequivocally holds the state of Alabama and then-Governor George Wallace responsible for what happened to her and her family telling the AP,

“If they hadn’t stirred up all that racist hate that was going on at the time I don’t believe that church would have been bombed“. Every month, Ms. Rudolph gets a $90 bill to pay for the prosthetic eye that she has to wear. The state should be paying that bill and breaking her off with millions more.

Says her attorney Ishan Bahabha:

“She deserves justice in the form of compensation for the grievous injuries, and costs, she has had to bear for almost 60 years,” he said. “We will continue to pursue any available avenues to get Sarah the assistance she needs and deserves.”

Gov. Ivey punted the ball to the legislature when asked about reparations saying that any funds would need approval.

Ok, so, tell them to approve it then FYM?!?


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