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Niecy Nash is still madly in love with her “hersband” Jessica Betts and recently confessed to R&B singer, Teyanna Taylor, “for the first time, I feel fully seen.”


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The “Claws” star recently appeared on the fourth episode of Bumble’s Luv2SeeIt series hosted by Taylor. On the show, Junie’s mom converses with personal friends, new acquaintances and users of the Bumble app about the Black dating experience.

Nash’s daughter, Dia Nash, joined her as she spoke about her past relationships with men and her new love with singer-songwriter, Betts.
During the interview,  Dia mentions that her mom once stated that she was “strictly dickly” to which the “Reno 911” actress responded, “things change”.
“I ended up where I am because of the connection. Not because of the gender. That was the least of it”, Niecy shared.
The Reno star confessed in past relationships she didn’t feel comfortable bringing her full self to the table.
“I can now be 100% who I am. I don’t have to play small, I don’t have to dumb it down. I can be bright, shiny, I can take up space, and it’s well received”, she revealed.
The “Stolen By My Mother” actress encouraged viewers to keep an open heart even though tings can be difficult out here in these dating streets.
“You never give up on what we were created for [love]. What we’re trusting, is choosing somebody who will restore us quickly when they hurt us. Not if, because they are going to do that. But you gotta pick one that sees it and says ‘I’m so sorry, let me course correct, let me pull up. Give me a chance to get it right”.
Dia Nash shared the top lessons her mom has given her about love. She listed each off effortlessly as if they had been etched in her mind and heart.

“[My mother taught me] 1. Never give up on love… 2. Believe people when they tell you who they are the first time. 3. Why have one when you can have three!”

Yesss for 3! A roster is necessary these days – putting all of your eggs in one basket is for the birds.



Niecy has been basking in her love for her wife since she stopped the world with the announcement of their nuptials in August 2020.

She described her surprise marriage as a “going into myself” rather than a “coming out” to People Magazine.
The couple first connected back in 2015 via social media while Nash was still married to her ex-husband, Jay Tucker. After they divorced, their platonic relationship became romantic.
Niecy told People she loves being married to Jessica and describes her wife as “the wind beneath [her] wings.”
Gotta love Black love!




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