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Republicans can be truly repugnant people and there is absolutely nothing positive, fun, or generally innocuous that they won’t fix their wretched mouths to criticize and excoriate. F ’em.

Lizzo is the latest target of conservative ire after The Library of Congress allowed her to play the “beloved” crystal flute that was gifted to President James Madison in 1813. We put “beloved” in quotes because truthfully, nobody cared, thought about, or likely even knew that this instrument even existed. But that didn’t stop the right-wing s$!t talkers from calling Lizzo everything but a child of God according to USA Today.

Take Trump bootlicker Jenna Ellis for example, she got on TV to call this Black woman “hideous” and “one of the most morbidly obese people in the world who claims that she’s oppressed.”

Even if this rotten jar of mayo did have genuine reverence for this flute, what does Lizzo’s weight or oppression have to do with anything? It doesn’t. It’s just an opportunity to say something that she would never attempt to utter in Lizzo’s face.

Next, let’s take snowflake Matt Walsh and his faux adoration of the flute that he didn’t even know existed.

Saving the worst for last, a conservative d-bag named Greg Price used this opportunity to play victim and tout Lizzo’s performance as some desecration of America.

Yes, Greg, valuing a 400-year history of racism and brutality is racist. Full stop.


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