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Posted by Bossip Staff

Odd couple Whitney Houston and Ray J were spotted this weekend in LA kickin tough. Damn, Whitney’s ass needs to lay off the rocks or the Botox or whatever…her ass is looking crazier than the fu*k.

Check the last thumbnail to view them getting a lil smoochie faced. Gross.

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  • shai


  • Jaxon

    Okay I’ll play


  • Ermy Erm

    Whitney looks alot healthier. I cant see her shoulder blades through her clothes like you used to be able to. and her face looks fuller, or am i seeing things?

  • Aunt Viv

    He needed her to get into the clubs…

    And she needs to get her coody-shots. That (Brandy’s) brotha gotta be tainted.

  • Urban Hippie

    Whitney needs to quit. She is too damn old for this.

  • Jaxon

    How this for publicity relationship was hatched I’ll never know…

    But Whit is looking good

  • Negrodamus Believes(Man get that tiny ass bike out of the last parking spot)

    Ashton Kutcher wrote Jay’s “The Blueprint”

  • kiki

    what is she doing with this kid?

  • DC Gal

    Wow Ray Jay is so UNKEPT…would you take a look at his elbow…Why would you even leave the house without putting lotion on your ashy skin. He is such a kid and Whitney looks like she could be his mother. Yes I think the people in Hollywood are really weird. Just hook up with anyone and just do tha damned thing. SMDH at Whitney and her downward spiral.

  • GirlfriendL

    get that cougar swag on whitney! ray j show must be puttin that thang down with his short self

  • Re

    Whitney’s sporting some very pointy elbows…



  • WyzePro

    if that’s not the oddest thing….she’s old enough to be dudes mom for real… least his babysitter….for shame!!


    I really cannot believe this is real. Is Ray-J really putting it down like that? Seems like he got Whit’s azz nose wide open, eyez wide shut. If they like it i love it but wow!!!

    Why does everyone, have a toothpick, straw or whatever in their mouth? That look is so played out.

  • WyzePro

    lol@ Re

  • Lauren

    Whats up with Ray J’s ashy ass elbows in the 1st thumbnail???? And this just looks a mess, like a mother and son getting some dinner, talking baout future college plans for lil Ray J junior.

  • Doagae

    I did not see Ray J’s tape so I don’t know what he is working with but obviously he got some good “know how” over there….now I am curious….

  • WyzePro

    Lauren….they must have just woke up..or something cause they both dry and dusty lookin

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD says: Don’t go on VACATION and come home on PROBATION

    Ray J…may be THEE corniest guy in the Americas

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD says: Don’t go on VACATION and come home on PROBATION


    Thats that WHITE from off the table…he just saving it for later

  • Re


    Btw, I wrote this in another thread but your gravie is absolutely adorable!

  • darealwifey

    Whitney goes for the lowest common denominator in men. Ray J is Bobby 2.0. It’s her life, so whatever. She can sort her brains out for all I care.

  • Re

    Ray J…may be THEE corniest guy in the Americas


    O-M-G you are re-tar-ded! LMAO, the Americas…I just had a good laugh Nikki.

  • Mary J. Blige Has Super Powers

    Ray-J is sooooooooooooooo fine. I bet he’s got a queue of women lining up outside his door, and I’M one of them 😆

  • GotFaith?

    Ray J is looking Damn Good, and I dont blame Whitney Ole girl look happy

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