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After the success of their joint single “F.N.F,” HitKid and GloRilla are involved in a power struggle over ownership of the summer anthem.

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GloRilla without a doubt delivered one of the biggest songs of the summer with “F.N.F”. The Memphis star dropped the song and it quickly blew up and was accompanied by a raw visual featuring her and her friends who had already gained attention for their cyphers on social media.


The video has racked up 44 Million views and paved the way for GloRilla to sign to Yo Gotti’s CMG label and plant her flag solidifying that she’s here to stay. Despite “F.N.F”‘s undeniable success, it seems the record is now causing drama for the rapper and Hit Kidd.

HitKidd Reveals Contract Dispute Regarding “F.N.F”, GloRilla Responds

On Sunday, HitKidd took to Twitter to reveal that he’s being threatened with legal action over the collaborative hit record which he owns through Blac Noize!/Campsouth Records.

According to the producer, the reason for the legal action is an attempt to strong-arm him out of the ownership and put the record on GloRilla’s upcoming EP with CMG.

HitKidd claimed that he wanted to get the story out before someone spread it and made him look like the bad guy, which is fair, but there are always two sides to every story.

GloRilla responded to the claims via Facebook and said she hasn’t made a single penny directly from the song other than when she performs it.

Despite that, the Memphis emcee said she’s unphased about it. What she is a bit phased about, however, is that the business issue was shared on social media.


“I could’ve BEEN came out about the snake sh*** he been doing to me,” wrote GloRilla.


Based on the allegations, it sounds as though CMG doesn’t own “F.N.F” but is distributing the record and the money is split 50/50 between HitKidd and GloRilla.


If the information posted is correct, GloRilla presumably hasn’t seen a dollar because she signed directly to CMG and was given an advance, therefore her money from the song would go towards paying the said advance back to CMG.

HitKidd’s issue seemingly comes from CMG trying to sue him over the record which means he will not receive his 50% split until the legal issues are settled.  If the producer’s allegations are valid then the suit could just be delaying his funds in an attempt to force his hand.

This could all be resolved easily but with the amount of bad blood involved at this point, it sounds as if the lawyers should handle it.

Kadeem Phillips, the founder of Power Entertainment, has since weighed in in favor of his business associate HitKidd. According to Phillips, he and HitKidd “gave up 50% of the masters and 50% of the publishing” for FNF to go directly to Glo.

“Glo and Hitkidd get 50% split evenly of all the money brought in on FNF,” wrote Phillips. “Unfortunately CMG froze all the money even Glo money in their latest claim to us. So if she hasn’t seen her money. Tell her to ask her label about it since she “sold” her masters and publishing to them.”


Glo went live on Monday and said that HitKidd is trying to claim that he discovered her.



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