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A woman who made headlines for allegedly being the other woman in a Kardashian-Jenner relationship is speaking out and denying that she kookily concocted her ties to an Astroworld rapper.

Rojean Kar’s name became a hot topic this weekend after fans speculated that the alleged ex-girlfriend of Travis Scott was back in the picture.

As previously reported the chatter started after a photo surfaced seemingly showing Kar on the set of Scott’s directorial shoot and fans alleged that the rapper, whose been reportedly linked to Kar since 2013, was cheating on Kylie Jenner.

Travis Scott:

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Rumors also swirled that the women were sending shade to each other via Instagram captions.

“Tell her to be me for Halloween since she wants you to love her so bad,” Ro captioned a recent pic.

“In ur dreams,” Kylie wrote under a pic on her own page.

Scott put a stop to the rumors himself and alleged that “weird s***” was going on via an “uninvited person” who snuck photos on his closed set. He also said flat out that he “does not know this person” in question.

That prompted Kar to clap back with allegations that Scott cheats on Kylie “every single f***g night” while detailing an alleged story of him being with her on Valentine’s Day.

Now, however, it seems that the influencer is taking a more mature approach and clarifying her ties to the rapper.

Rojean Kar Denies Making Up Travis Scott Dating Rumors

After Travis Scott clapped back directly at Kar’s Valentine’s Day allegations…


Kar took to her InstaStory to say that she feels “hurt” and “disrespected” by someone she’s known for almost a decade.

She also said that she never said she was “recently with” Scott while denying rumors that she completely fabricated dating him.

A @YungSweetRoBigFaker TikTok account is actively alleging that the model made up her connection to Travis Scott. The page and several others claim that Kar photoshopped pictures to create a narrative that she was tied to the celebrity.

“I have never perpetuated any narrative,” wrote Kar on her InstaStory. “I never said I’m currently with him or have recently been with him. Like i said, i went home that night. Having someone you’ve known for almost a decade disrespect you and assume you won’t stand up for yourself bc you never do, is hurtful. I reacted in the moment and speaking on someone else’s relationship was wrong of me.

I have nothing to prove, him deleting all his posts as soon as i posted an inconspicuous screenshot speaks for itself. Having thousands of people say you’ve posted and done things that are completely out of character and you would never do is equally hurtful.”

She continued,

“I am a regular person with a real career and family. I’m not a blogger or reality tv star who lives by the motto: “‘all publicity is good publicity.” I hope you guys keep that in mind when you’re writing fantasy stories about atrocious things you claim I’ve done.

To the pages posting photoshopped tweets and photos that were NEVER posted on any of my social media, I truly hope you find some peace in that hateful heart of yours. Everything they’re posting is manipulated and was proven false by some fanpage years ago.

The pictures “i posted’ don’t even have my @ on them. Maybe you should photoshop that like the tweets you’ve created. My Twitter is private and my @ has been nicemuslimgurl for 10 years or so.“


What do YOU think about this Rojean Kar/ Travis Scott drama? Some fans think it’s time for Kris Jenner to step in…


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