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For anyone who thought things like this were a thing of the past, they are not. They live and breathe in the year of our lord in 2022.

According to ABCNews, a man named Devin McLaurin (who sounds like a white man to us, but his race was not confirmed in this report) was arrested and charged with starting SEVEN fires at various locations around Jackson, Mississippi yesterday on election day. We refuse to believe that is a coincidence. Two of the fires were at churches and one was set on the Jackson State University campus at a baseball practice field.

One of those churches, Epiphany Lutheran Church, is one of the oldest Black places of worship in the entire state as it was standing for 85 years. We say was because by the time 73-year-old Lloyd Caston was alerted to the blaze and arrived on the scene, that near-century of history had completely gone up in smoke.

“There wasn’t nothing we could do but sit and watch,” Caston said. “That was it. It destroyed the church and everything in it,” Caston said. The church is 85 years old, and renovations to the building’s interior had just been completed in March.

The report states that the church burned for four hours before the fire department could arrive to put it out. There is no discernible motive for the arson but police are investigating.

Satan is always on the clock.


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