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The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion aired Monday night and while Erica Mena had a lot to get off her chest, her ex-husband/baby’s father Safaree Samuels initially didn’t have much to say.

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When asked to revisit her time spent in a relationship with Safaree the reality star, 35, painfully shared that she was in a dark place.

“I was really like breaking in pieces, day by day. I’ve done a lot of therapy since and I’ve found so many lessons that I needed to learn and I was able to tap into I attracted this energy into my life. I’ve had some faults in my marriage but at the same time, I’ve swept so much under the rug and I think that’s why I’ve gotten taken advantage of.”

She was then asked about motherhood the second time around and what that experience was like.

“Like I had to drag myself out of that dark place. With my first son, because I had to hustle so much, I sacrificed so much time away from my firstborn that I’m still trying to make it up to this day,” Erica said. “And this is stuff that I’ve confessed and been vulnerable with to him about that’s why it’s weird that he knows the traumatic experience of being a single mother once, and then he turns around and makes me a single mother twice.”

Reunion host Claudia Jordan gave Safaree, 41, the floor to clear the air and asked the rapper/reality star if he was in pain.

He took a while to speak and he was encouraged by fellow castmates, Scrappy, Kirk Frost, and Shekinah Anderson to express his emotions and open up. Scrappy in particular responded to Safaree’s silence and urged him to, “speak bro” because there’s “somebody out there like [him.] So you gotta speak bro.”

Eventually, Safaree explained why it’s so hard for him to express his thoughts and feelings.

“You know I always try to purposely numb myself from everything so that I don’t feel pain,” said Safaree. “You know, I tell myself I don’t care, so that I can really believe it, but there’s pain.”

It’s very obvious that Safaree and Erica won’t be rekindling their relationship anytime soon if ever but hope to co-parent better in the near future.

“I’ve already come to terms that Safaree will never really take accountability and that’s fine,” retorted Erica Mena. “He don’t owe me nothing, all he owes now is his kids and that’s all I care about.”

Before moving on with the conversation Safaree was granted the opportunity to speak again and he apologized for leaving after their son’s birth.

“Who wants to get married, have kids, and then end up here? I wouldn’t have thought two years later, this is where we would’ve been. We were just at a place of who could hurt who the most, and we were there for a long time. It sucks. Definitely sorry for the time our son was born, and I left a week later.”

Erica countered that and said it wasn’t a week later, but the conversation eventually moved on. As for the future of Erica and Safaree’s co-parenting relationship, he stated that he hopes it’s better than where it is now.

Several fans tuning into the reunion criticized Safaree for his actions and sent encouragement and love to Erica.

However, not everyone online sided with Eric and felt that Safaree was also a victim in the relationship.

Check out the full clip of Erica Mena & Safaree reflecting on their relationship below.

This back-and-forth is really hard to watch and we sincerely feel for the children involved. Who do you think are the true victims? Tell us your thoughts below.


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