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Shanquella Robinson

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Shanquella Robinson‘s death is still a mystery, and her family is still unbelievably distraught about not only her passing but the shady circumstances under which she passed. As BOSSIP previously reported, the FBI has opened an investigation into this tragedy, and prosecutors in Mexico have requested that Daejhanae Jackson be extradited to answer murder charges.

Shanquella’s sister Tequila Long spoke exclusively with ESSENCE about the last time she saw her sister alive and the pain that she and her family have been suffering since they got the phone call that their beloved was dead.

“She actually came here to borrow a piece of luggage of mine to take on the trip,” Long shares with ESSENCE. “I thought she was going with the people she always traveled with, so it wasn’t any reason for me to have any ill feelings towards her going out of town. I just tell her to be safe.”

The “friends” that were supposed to have her safety in mind appear to be snakes. At least one of them appears to be directly responsible for Shanquella’s death and the others went along with a lie and a cover-up to protect the killers. Lock all of their a**es up as far as we’re concerned.

“I was more believing the dude that she went on the trip with because that was her best friend. So I didn’t think that he would be malicious about anything. I didn’t think that he would tell us a lie. I trusted him. So I took his word for it more than anything, and he said it was alcohol poisoning.”

Long added that the group lied to the family about the fight that was captured on camera and told ESSENCE she can’t unsee the video of her sister’s attack.

“The two young ladies and the male told us that there wasn’t any type of fighting going on…We asked him about the fight because we were hearing from other people that they were out there fighting her; they had jumped on her out there. So they all was giving us a story, a lie, until the video surfaced.”

“They had to wake her up out of her sleep because she sleeps naked. She was naked standing there, and here she is fighting this girl… That image of her didn’t sit well with me,” said Long.


We highly suggest you head to ESSENCE and read the entire story. It’s heartbreaking but it further highlights the fact that justice needs to be served expeditiously.


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