TJ Holmes & Amy Robach Reportedly Arrived To GMA As A Couple

Alleged Affair Ain’t Stoppin’ No Show: TJ Holmes & Amy Robach Reportedly Arrived To ‘GMA’ ‘As A Couple’, Hosted Together As Scheduled

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After married GMA anchors, TJ Holmes and Amy Robach were photographed hand-holding and booty-slapping, the two returned to work on Thursday like nothing even happened.

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During yesterday’s taping of GMA 3, it was back to business per usual as the two delivered the news as though they were not also making the headlines.

TJ opened the morning show by asking, “Who is looking forward to the weekend?” The first to reply with laughter was Robach who quickly answered, “Uh, me!”


As previously reported, just the day prior, The Daily Mail published photos taken throughout November of the self-proclaimed “best friends” behaving more like a couple than just homies. In one pic, Holmes’ palm was making direct contact with Robach’s cakes–-and we’re not referring to confections. A photo was also taken of the two intimately finger-locking in the back of an Uber.

The media frenzy that ensued after the photos were published had the Good Morning America producers “freaking out” a source revealed to Page Six.

The producers were allegedly “having meetings about whether it was right to put them back on the air again together” but the two “showed up as a couple and said they were ready and totally fine to go on air.”

The insider added,

“Their attitude seems to be that they are both separated, and now they are together, so there’s nothing to hide” and they apparently ambled into the office as if “nothing happened.”

Reportedly the two will not face punishment from GMA as they’re two consenting adults adds Page Six.


TJ and Amy Reportedly Broke Things Off With Their Respective Spouses In August

The morning show hosts officially separated from their spouses Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue in August reports PEOPLE, so technically to some folks they’re coupling isn’t an affair.

“This was two consenting adults who were each separated. They both broke up with their spouses in August within weeks of each other,” a source told the publication.

Continues the source:

“She’s got nothing to hide. They were both separated so they felt very comfortable dating in the open after that. Their spouses had moved out, even! So they were not hiding anything.”

Sounds a little fishy. We could be wrong but at the very least, it seems an emotional affair was at play well before they notified their spouses of their discontentment, PEOPLE adds that the two actually faced affair rumors last year—but folks “ultimately chalked it up to friendship because they always said they were both happily married.”

Amy’s actor husband has erased any trace of her existence from his social media pages but has remained quiet on the alleged affair.

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Holme’s wife who he once referred to as a “Black woman with built-in superpowers” has yet to make an official statement as well.

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TJ is known for speaking boldly about Black issues on GMA, and some wonder if leaving his Black wife for a white woman will now taint his voice to some viewers.

One Twitter user said,

“TJ holmes had all that sh!t to say about Will Smith…only for TJ Holmes to be caught cheating on his Black wife with a white woman. WHEW…………..”

Another user was in disbelief,

“TJ Holmes, please tell me this is not the woman you are cheating on your black wife with?”


Another tweet also read,

“I’m sorry.. TJ Holmes cheated with Amy Robach .. and he’s married to THIS BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. I hate men.”


One user shared her dismay, 

“Can’t believe TJ Holmes got on FAMU Convocation Stage talking about his “Black Wife” and praising black women just to be cheating on her with….. “

In between sharing alleged details about the Amy/TJ romance Page Six’s source noted, “In some ways, this is TV gold, but let’s just hope they don’t break up.”

Let’s hope indeed.

Y’all already know the chaos that can occur when a workplace romance goes sour, and something tells us this TJ Holmes/Amy Robach scandal isn’t likely to end sweetly.


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