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The audacity of caucasity has struck again!

If you haven’t already seen the viral video of a Winston-Salem State University student being arrested in her classroom, then we’ll warn you right now, this is going to piss you off. The video in question shows Leilla Marie being put in handcuffs while telling her history professor Dr. Cynthia Villagomez all about her dusty-a** self in front of a classroom full of shocked peers. Peep game.

You can hear Marie telling the professor that she called the police on her for “not apologizing.” According to a NewsOne recounting, Marie and Dr. Villagomez got into a heated shouting match about a final exam assignment that the professor told her needed to be revised. When Marie came to class without the revision, the argument ensued. It is reported that Dr. Villagomez tried to kick Leilla Marie out of the classroom and when she would not comply, campus police was called.

For her part, Marie says that all she did was yell at Villagomez and use a few choice words beginning with the letter “f” (not the slur for LGBTQI+ folks, to be clear). Following her release, Marie took to IG Live to let it all hang out in full detail.

The viral video of the arrest was acknowledged by the school’s official Twitter page with updates on what will happen next.

A University spokesperson also addressed the media about the incident.

We smell a lawsuit settlement coming. Just wait on it.


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