It’s Black Mafia Friday and the STARZ of BMF are dishing on what you can expect.

La La x DaVinchi x Sidney

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In season 2, Terry (Da’Vinchi) is not just torn between making an honest living and running the streets with his brother Meech (Lil Meech), he’s also torn between two ladies.


Terry’s embarking on a car service venture with his dad, Charles, but the temptation to help his “womb to the tomb” sibling build a drug empire is still looming. Not only that but he’s also being tempted by someone new.

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Markisha (La La Anthony) strikes up a friendship with Terry who seemingly wants much more than a new homegirl…

and she’s captured his attention so much that he’s already having fantasies about her.

Meanwhile, the mother of Terry’s child, LaWanda (Sydney Mitchell), is trying to keep his attention but she’s struggling to compete with the streets…

and especially with Markisha.

With that in mind, Da’Vinchi, La La, and Sydney are telling BOSSIP all about Terry’s true feelings.

La La, Da’Vinchi & Sydney Mitchell Talk BMF Season 2

According to Da’Vinchi, the word for what’s going down with Southwest Tee, Markisha and LaWanda is “entanglement.”

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“He’s in a bit of entanglement,” Da’Vinchi told BOSSIP’s Managing Editor Dani Canada. “He’s in love with this new person that’s showing him a way of life that he’s never been exposed to before and she’s also teaching him how to gain independence and that’s something that he’s been ready for probably since the day he left the womb.

He continued,

“I remember Lucille Flenory, which is Meech and Terry’s mother in real life, she was telling me that she used to laugh and make jokes like, ‘Why didn’t I make Terry first?'” Because Terry always wanted tobe number one. Terry’s physically bigger than Meech and he always had this way about him that he always wanted to lead.

“So I think Markisha touching on that with him is really resonating with him and making him root for that situation more, but he’s still caught between two worlds.”


La La also spoke about playing Markisha who’s intrigued by Terry’s charm and wants to teach him how to be “the best” at what he does.

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“Markisha’s an interesting character,” said La La. “She’s in a marriage but the marriage is not a healthy one and then she meets Terry who comes through and makes her feel seen again. I think it comes from a place of her seeing his passion. It’s a great dynamic and it’s a lot of crazy stuff that takes place.”

As for Sydney, she spoke on LWwanda’s struggle to keep Terry’s attention despite having some help from Terry’s mother Ms. Lucille…

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“LaWanda is trying her hardest to hold it down but it’s getting harder and harder. I feel like she goes through an emotional rollercoaster. She’s going through it because she loves the family, she loves Terry—but he’s not as interested anymore.”

and Da’Vinchi noted that LaWanda and Lucille’s bond continues to put Terry in a bind.

“I think it’s both of them [give him headaches] since they’re in cahoots,” said Da’Vinchi.

Watch our exclusive with these three below.

A new episode of BMF premieres tonight Friday, January 13 at 8:00 ET/PT on STARZ. It’s also streaming exclusively on the STARZ app.


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