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This week OWN is set debut its brand new unscripted series “All The Single Ladies.”

All The Single Ladies

Source: Courtesy OWN / Oprah Winfrey Network

“All The Single Ladies” offers a provocative view of intimacy and dating in the modern world from the perspective of Black women across the nation. Each episode will feature four Black women of various ages and relationship statuses sitting down to explore a different topic. The conversations will sometimes be comedic and at other times will be heartbreaking, but they will always be real, authentic, and heartfelt with the common goal of finding and wanting love.

We’re excited to share several exclusive clips from Friday’s episode of “All The Single Ladies,” which feature women sharing personal stories about when they found out their significant others were unfaithful. One woman was especially resourceful in finding out the truth by utilizing her significant other’s cell phone and Snapchat.

The first clip describes some of the craziest ways the women featured on the show discovered their partners were cheating:


Our heart breaks for all of these women, especially the woman who was pregnant when she learned her man had another pregnant girlfriend at the SAME DAMN TIME!!!

How many of y’all can relate? Here’s the full “Side Chicks” episode description:

Imagine being pregnant and newly married, only to find out the father of your child has been cheating? Or realizing your long-term boyfriend lives a separate life with someone else? Or seeing on social media that your boyfriend has gotten his ex-wife pregnant? After learning their partners have been unfaithful, four women must make painful choices about their relationships.

Here’s the second exclusive clip, where the featured ladies discuss what to do when you find out your man has a secret phone and life.


We’re shocked she was able to get all the way to the airport without him realizing he was missing that other phone.

Sounds like this episode will be a doozy. Hit the flip for a final clip and a run down on future topics covered this season on “All The Single Ladies.”


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