OWN's "All The Single Ladies" Unpacks Side Chick Situations

OWN ‘All The Single Ladies’ Exclusive: Here’s How These Women Caught Their Partners Creeping

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Lauryn Hill tried to warn us! Some guys, some guys are only about — that thang, that thang, that thangthathangthang! In the final clip the plot thickens after a deep dive into the social media on that secret phone:


Ladies, what would you have done?

“All The Single Ladies” “Side Chicks” episode will debut tonight Friday, January 6 at 9pm ET/PT, with new episodes debuting every Friday night concurrently on both OWN and discovery+.

Check out more episode topics below:

“The Swirl Life” – When a study abroad trip quickly turns into an interracial, international love affair, a TV reporter discovers that being color blind is no longer the goal. After blind dating online for five years with a man from a different race, a dietician finally meets her boyfriend. A Black woman from Compton dates a white man from Malibu. A writer in the coast guard lands her first kiss at 26, leading to a relationship that forces her to make hard decisions about her future.

“Why Women Cheat” – We often hear about men cheating, but what about women? Four women share their personal journeys from commitment to infidelity and finally, to peace of mind.

“Raised By Religion” – A teacher confronts her sexual identity, a stand-up comic tolerates an unfaithful husband and two preachers’ daughters rebel against their upbringings. This episode follows four women’s journeys as they break the rules, challenge their religious beliefs and search for true love.

“Bad Boys” – Four women — a massage therapist, a treatment counselor, a baker and a musician – talk about their past relationships with fast-talking charmers who turned out to be toxic. The women share their tough decisions in an episode that explores relationship illusions, the fear of being alone and personal self-worth.

“What Just Happened?” – A nurse is blindsided by her husband’s homosexuality, a court liaison reevaluates her long-term relationship with a cheating boyfriend, a writer’s world is turned upside down when the man of her dreams becomes abusive, and an entrepreneur is ghosted by the man she loves. In this emotional episode, four women tell their stories of infatuation, heartbreak and rebirth.

“Sexual Awakenings” – A comedian attempts to find love with a man before finally embracing her sexuality as a lesbian; a flight attendant finds her own sexual sweet spots after a sexless relationship with a preacher; a chef finds love after a Hot Girl Summer turns into an Auntie Spring; and a seasoned writer finds fulfillment through long-distance sexting.

Will you be watching?


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