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Cast photos of Mia Thornton and Jacqueline Blake

Source: Paul Gilmore / Bravo

The Real Housewives of Potomac is continuing to highlight a fractured friendship and the messiness surrounding it is spilling onto social media.

As previously reported Jacqueline Blake joined season 7 as a “friend of the show” and the best friend of Mia Thornton.

Unfortunately, things between the two soured while traveling to Mexico for a girls’ trip after the two clashed over parenting on the plane ride. At one point Mia alleged that Jacqueline doesn’t take adequate care of her kids who were at Mia’s house “eating up all her food” and the parenting argument escalated from there.

Jaqueline quipped that it “takes a village to take care of kids but Mia wouldn’t know anything about that,” as a dig to Mia whose mother was incarcerated during her childhood.

Later, the two tried to get back on track but another argument ensued and Mia used NeNe Leakes’ “close your legs to married men” line toward her friend of 30-plus years. The accusation was especially damning because there are rumors that Jacqueline slept with Mia’s husband Gordon.

“She just has some tension, I think she needs more d***,” said Jacqueline jokingly.

“You wanna go there? You wanna talk about all your d***s?” responded Mia. “Alright, well keep your legs closed to married men, b***!” said Mia.

“I have fought for you my entire f****g life, said an irate Jacqueline who declared their friendship over. “You’re f****d up! I would never f*****g sleep with your husband! I would never do that to you!”


Later, after some coaxing from the other ladies, the two had a sitdown but things went left again.

“What went down was unacceptable,” said Jacqueline. Saying that you don’t have any friends, I understand you were upset— but to take it to his level and to make an accusation? I felt like you were insinuating Gordon and I was like, ‘How far are you gonna take this?’ I feel like you were insinuating lies.”

“What was the lie?” asked Mia. “I’m asking specifically, tell me what was the lie? Jacqueline just own it, it’s good. Own the s***.”

Jacqueline concluded that Mia “sold her soul” and Mia told #RHOP cameras that Jacqueline has a history with “married peepees” something that Jacqueline insisted again was a lie.

“You’re a b***, you’re the most disgusting thing on this planet,” said Mia’s former friend.


On social media, the beef between them escalated further with Mia doubling down and calling herself “the b****”…

and Jacqueline explaining that she expected Mia to be a better friend. She also added that “all bets are off” when it comes to defending her family from someone who “glorifies money like it’s their God.”

“What I was expecting was the basic textbook definition of a loyal friend,” wrote Jacqueline. “Who wasn’t trying to backstab me, expose and demean me and my family over a check. I was looking for at least the bare minimum qualifications of even a basic friend.”

She continued,

“You don’t attack embellish and defame your friend’s character under no circumstances. It’s called your character. Do that to an enemy not a friend. Let me OWN my life. You OWN yours. I could of called you out and expeosed you in front of that group and no one would of protected you. You have a by-any-means-necessary mentality. You glorify money like it is your God. You treat the closest people around you like possessions to control.”

During a recent interview with The Reality Rundown, she also added that they are “still no longer friends,” and said she’s heartbroken about what happened.

“I would have never seen this coming,” said Jacqueline. “I would’ve never thought that the person that I knew for 20 + years would turn on me the way that she did. This is my real life. Like this isn’t a joke or storyline. This was my best friend. My whole entire family knows this woman from my mom to my dad that’s no longer alive and in the grave. Mia was next to me when my father took his last breath. This was somebody that I truly and genuinely cared about. Honestly, it’s been heartbreaking.”



Just sad.

What do YOU think about Mia’s messy friendship fallout with Jaqueline on The Real Housewives of Potomac?


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