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A Real Housewife of Potomac is apologizing for spreading rumors about someone “getting the cookie” and for her “nasty and rude” behavior that happened before her newfound spiritual journey.

Mia Thornton took to Twitter Thursday to admit that she “repeated” an unfounded rumor about her cast mate Dr. Wendy Osefo hooking up with Peter Thomas. 

She also acknowledged her mistreatment of her former friend Jacqueline Blake.

RHOP: Mia, Wendy, Peter, Jaqueline

Source: Clifton Prescod / Bravo

Mia first made the messy allegation during the #RHOP reunion…

before dropping a “receipt” insinuating its validity after Peter Thomas cried foul.

As previously reported Peter slammed the housewife for being disrespectful and “thirsty” by lying about him sleeping with Wendy whom he called “respectful and very honorable.” He also said he “doesn’t really know” the housewives of Potomac leading to a clap back from Mia’s husband Gordon who thought his friend Peter was denying knowing him and his wife.

Amid the messiness that ensued, Mia aloofly admitted to lying about the Peter and Wendy rumor…

before taking to social media to publicly apologize.

Her apology however was aimed at Peter because of his “brotherhood” with her husband but it stopped short of acknowledging Dr. Wendy Osefo.

“First, I’m sorry for repeating what I heard without discussing the alleged with the person directly,” tweeted Mia. “I have so much love for my family & friends, It pains me to know I caused so much off camera drama. Brotherhood is Bond. While G needs more time to process, I want to publicly apologize for spreading a rumor. It’s rude and not very nice of me!”


Not only did Mia apologize for “repeating” the Peter/Wendy rumor, but, she also apologized to Jacqueline Blake, her ex-best friend whom she feuded with on the show.

Cast photos of Mia Thornton and Jacqueline Blake

Source: Paul Gilmore / Bravo

The besties bumped heads amid a parenting disagreement and Mia accused Jacqueline of being a mistress to multiple men amid rumors that she slept with Mia’s husband Gordon. Jacqueline vehemently denied it and declared that their friendship was officially over.

Now, however, Mia’s ready to make amends.

“Second, I want to Publically apologize to my Bestie, my sister, and my ace. I’m sorry I was not able to give you the emotional support you needed while embarking on a new chapter of life. I’m sorry I was nasty and rude and didn’t find more patience. I know we may never be ok, but know I want the world for you!” wrote the housewife before noting that she’s on a “spiritual healing journey.”


So far, Jacqueline has yet to respond to Mia’s apology, but we’ll see her come face-to-face with Mia on Sunday’s #RHOP Reunion.

Both ladies will share “receipts” about each other and Mia will admit that she lied about spending Mother’s Day with Jaqueline’s mom. Mia previously said that she was with the matriarch on the holiday while Jacqueline was absent.

“No yeah, I wasn’t—but I was on the phone with her for about an hour.”

Jaqueline also alleged that Mia’s husband doesn’t believe her lies and she once again completely denied sleeping with married men.

As you can imagine, #RHOP fans are none too pleased with Mia’s recent admissions of lying and some of them think she should be fired.

What do YOU think about Mia Thornton’s #RHOP retractions?


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